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The World's Billionaires #64 Mohammed Al Amoudi

Mohammed Al Amoudi

Net Worth: $10.0 bil
Fortune: Self Made
Source: oil
Age: 65
Country Of Citizenship: Saudi Arabia
Residence: Jeddah
Education: NA
Marital Status: Married, 8 children

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Born in Ethiopia to Saudi father and Ethiopian mother, Al-Amoudi claims to be investing more than $3 billion into Ethiopian agriculture and industry with the aim of modernizing farming and eventually exporting much of the output to Saudi Arabia. Also owns mine in Ethiopia that puts out 5 tons of gold a year. Started investing in Sweden in 1974; stakes there now comprise half his fortune: Preem operates two refineries; Svenska Petroleum produces crude oil in the North Sea and west Africa. Construction company Midroc operates in Europe, Africa and Middle East. In recent years completed estimated $30 billion contract with Saudi Arabia to build vast underground oil storage caverns.

Renowned Saudi Arabian/Ethiopian business tycoon Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi was born in 1946 in Dessie, Ethiopia. His estimated net worth of about $6.9 billion in 2006 has made him the richest man in Ethiopia. His fortune also ranks him as the 8th richest Arab in the world. Mohammed Al Amoudi amassed his wealth by engaging in construction and real estate businesses.

Having garnered a tremendous amount of wealth, Mohammed Al Amoudi decided to donate a large percentage of his fortune to quite a few charitable organizations. In 2007, Mohammed Al Amoudi made a donation of more than 25 million Birr to help fund the construction of the Harar Cultural Center.

Mohammed Al Amoudi covered half of the estimated amount needed to construct the cultural museum in Harar. According to Bushira Mohammed, Harar’s public relations officer, Mohammed Al Amoudi gave the pledged amount right after the cornerstone was laid at the construction project’s site, which happened after the closing session of the monthlong Harar millennium celebration.

The museum, which consists of several features including a public library, international gymnasiums, and conference rooms, was named after the Ethiopian businessman and philanthropist as a tribute to his efforts and generous contribution.

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi (Ge'ez: ሞሓመድ አልአሙዲ, Arabic: محمد حسين العمودي; born 1946 in Dessie, Ethiopia but grew up in Weldiya)[1][2] is a Saudi Arabian/Ethiopian business magnate who lives in Ethiopia and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Mohammed Al Amoudi is Ethiopia's richest person.

In 2006 his net worth was estimated as between $2.5 and $6.9 billion, causing Arabian Business to rank him as the world's 8th richest Arab[3], and Forbes to rank him as the world's 77th richest person.[4] In 2008, Forbes ranked Mohammed Al Amoudi as the 97th richest person in the world with a net worth of $9 billion.[4] In 2009, Forbes ranked Mohammed Al Amoudi as the 43rd richest person in the world at a net worth of $9 billion.[4] In 2010, Forbes ranked Mohammed Al Amoudi as the world's 64th richest man with a net worth of $10 billion.[4]

Al Amoudi's father is Hadhrami Yemeni and his mother is Ethiopian. He immigrated to Saudi Arabia in 1965 and became a Saudi citizen. His wife is Sofia Saleh Al Amoudi who is a shareholder of Midroc Construction. [5] He has eight children, his eldest son and heir being Abdul Rahman Al Amoudi. Depending on different ethnic categorizations, and Al Amoudi's mixed Ethiopian and Yemeni parentage, he is one of the richest Arabs or the world's richest black person.[6][7]

Al Amoudi made his fortune in construction and real estate before branching out to buy oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco. He is said to be the largest foreign investor in both Sweden and Ethiopia. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from the Addis Ababa University and has been honoured with the Order of the Polar Star by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

Business activity
Al Amoudi owns a broad portfolio of businesses not only in oil but also in mining, agriculture, hotels, hospitals, finance, operations and maintenance. Although some critics[who?] have said he is gaining a monopoly on some businesses in Ethiopia, Ethiopia maintains a competitive free market economy. Despite losing bids to Al Amoudi, CEO Girma of Ethiopian Airlines has said that Al Amoudi's work represents healthy competition.[8]

His businesses are largely to be found within two conglomerate holding and operating companies, Corral Petroleum Holdings and MIDROC (Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies), which he owns and manages. He employs over 40,000 people through these companies

Charitable Donations
Al Amoudi was named as one of the Clinton Foundation Donors, according to information released as part of an obligation placed on former President Clinton when he supported Hillary Clinton's nomination as Secretary of State. Al Amoudi is reported to have donated between $1,000,001 to $5,000,000.[9] He has also made donations to hospitals, NGOs and other causes in Ethiopia

Commitment to East Africa
Al Amoudi has focused his East African investments on Ethiopia since the mid-1980s. MIDROC Ethiopia was created in 1994. He is very much committed to Ethiopia, especially to job creation and infrastructure capacity building, and is well known as a philanthropist in his country of birth. He has built a 140-bed health care facility and supports visual impairment, disabled, children's health and poverty alleviation programmes.

In the education arena, he provides overseas scholarships and is a patron of the Ethiopian arts. Al Amoudi has sponsored the CECAFA Cup, Africa's oldest cup competition for the last three years, during which time the football tournament has been known as the Al Amoudi Senior Challenge Cup.[10]

Al Amoudi is a frequent visitor to the UK and the US where he has business interests and was jointly honoured by the World Bank and State Department for his work in supporting African development. This was the first time that the World Bank had hosted such an event for a private sector investor.

In October 2009, Addis Fortune reported that the al-Amoudi-owned Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc planned to develop up to 500,000 hectares (1,200,000 acres) of Ethiopian land for sugar, edible oil, and grain production.[11] The company had reportedly purchased $80 million in equipment from Caterpillar Inc

Famous Muslim Billionaires [Richest Muslims In The World]

Popular culture
As of October 2007, Mohammed Al Amoudi had become the subject of e-mail spam, in which an ostensible ex-wife claims to have access to Al Amoudi's fortune.[12]

In 2010, the UK media claimed that a self-styled "saudi princess" had claimed to be his daughter [13] . There was no evidence of such a claim being made other than as media speculation and any such claim was forcefully denied by George Salem, lawyer for Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, after a court case in London that was unrelated to the Sheikh had ended.

There have also been occasional unwarranted defamatory claims about the Sheikh on the internet which have been pointed out by the Sheikh's legal counsel to be fabrications, generated for political reasons or for other purposes.

Within African-American popular culture, the Sheikh is sometimes pointed out as a self-made man who offers a positive role model for black American youth.
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Mohammed Al Amoudi is the 77th Richest Person in the World
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Mohammed Al Amoudi is the 77th Richest Person in the World


Updated March 5, 2008

Mohammed Al Amoudi is now ranked the 97th Richest person in the world.
He is the richest black person on the planet, ranks second richest in Saudi Arabia and 6th richest in all of Africa and Middle East.

Click here for the latest ranking Forbes March 5, 2008

Updated on March 9 2007.

Mohamed Al Amoudi is the 86th Richest Person in the world. Click here for the latest update
Number 86th In the World
Number 1 in Ethiopia
Number 4 in African and The Middle East

Mohammed Al Amoudi is the 77th Richest Person in the World and Numero Uno in Ethiopia

Number 1 in Africa
Number 4 in Middle East/Africa
Number 77 in the World

Mohamed Al-Amoudi and Oprah Winfrey are the only Black People on the list*. BET founder Bob Johnson is not on the list.

Al-Amoudi is the Richest Black Person on the Planet, Man or Woman period!

Al Amoudi is worth a Cool 6.9 Billion Dollar

2005 was a great year for Mohamed Al Amoudi last year Al Amoudi was ranked # 243 in the world In 2005 alone his net worth has increased by an impressive 4.4 Billion dollars. Could it be the Oil boom?

6.9 billion reasons to smile :)

Age: 60
Fortune: self made
Source: Oil
Net Worth: 6.9 Billion
Country Of Citizenship: Saudi Arabia
Residence: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Middle East & Africa
Industry: Oil/Gas
Marital Status: married, no children

Born in Ethiopia and now a Saudi citizen, Al Amoudi made his fortune in construction and real estate before betting on Swedish and Moroccan oil refineries. His Svenska Petroleum conducts oil exploration from the Nordic shelf to the Ivory Coast. He is the largest private investor in Ethiopia, putting money into such diverse assets as a hotel, gold mines and a food processing plant.


Forbes March 2006 Cover

Top 10 Billionaires in the World
Rank Name Citizenship Age Net Worth ($bil) Residence
1 William Gates III United States 50 50.0 United States
2 Warren Buffett United States 75 42.0 United States
3 Carlos Slim Helu Mexico 66 30.0 Mexico
4 Ingvar Kamprad Sweden 79 28.0 Switzerland
5 Lakshmi Mittal India 55 23.5 United Kingdom
6 Paul Allen United States 53 22.0 United States
7 Bernard Arnault France 57 21.5 France
8 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud Saudi Arabia 49 20.0 Saudi Arabia
9 Kenneth Thomson & family Canada 82 19.6 Canada
10 Li Ka-shing Hong Kong 77 18.8 Hong Kong

There are 793 Billionaires in The World.
The new list includes 371 Americans, the most of any country, and 78 women. New York had the most billionaires of any city, with 40, followed by Moscow (25) and London (23).

Number 562 Oprah Winfrey with 1.4 Billion

Google Co-Founder and University of Maryland CS Graduate Sergey Brin is number 26 with 12.9 Billion

Google Co-Founder Larry Page 12.8 Billion number 27.

Source: Forbes

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Al Amoudi donates 5 million Birr to TPLF

Al-Amoudi campaign for EPRDF angers many
አልአሙዲ ለኢህአዴግ ሲቀሰቅሱ ዋሉ

* Checked through the list and the only black people we found were Al-
Amoudi and Oprah Winfrey. We stand to be corrected.

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Comment from: Eyobed Habtemariam [Visitor]

It so good to hear that a man with great integrity being the 77 richest man for a country that represents the horn of Africa. I thank you Al moudi for your grace for being a jewellery for Ethiopia. Thank-you
03/10/06 @ 11:48
Comment from: alemayehu yazew [Visitor]
good person and good for our mother to invest diff,things to creats work.
But to be EPDRF high saporter ????????sooy he do not think he do this is,
TPLF propaganda to get him in their side.Let him do good things for our country Ethiopia shu i aska you with respekt not to involv you with bad side TPLF You know what is good and bad i have big respekt for
you and your work.
GOD BLESS YOU and Your family and YOUR work .
Your son or brother.
03/10/06 @ 11:56
Comment from: Conspiracy [Visitor]
He is not in Ethiopia for Ethiopia, wake up and smell the coffee! His agenda is much bigger than give you a hint maybe "Religion" has something to do with it...
03/10/06 @ 12:02
Comment from: Chigruu.... [Visitor]
Sheikh Al-Amoudi,

We congratulate you for your achievement. But don't take sides in the political fight. It is belittling to a person of your stature (unless there is something sinister beyond our understanding).

03/10/06 @ 12:06
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]
Al Moudi,
I celebrate your great accomplishments. Thanks for all you done for Ethiopia. If you really want to help us, use your wealth and power to bring democracy to Ethiopia. Did Meles threaten you? Truly a man such as you knows right from wrong. PM Zenawi imprisons the innocent and cause many to suffer without just cause. It is ashame to think that you are free to enjoy your wealth while Ethiopian mothers pray and wonder if their children are still alive.
03/10/06 @ 12:08
Comment from: yatalanal wa!!! [Visitor]
yes it is fine sombody from this poor country to be named in terms of wealth, and good contribution for the country in general, but better to be nutral in politics as his co-worker and the people at large having different stance in the political view,this will rapping off his reputation,will let him to be consider the enemy of the ethiopian ,cause he stan with the rulling party to do what ever he can(be proud on GOD not on his money)

03/10/06 @ 12:13
Comment from: Tsedenia G/Markos [Visitor]
Of course he is perfectly entitled to help the Tigrean people liberation front (even-though I didn't know until know that he still thinks the Tigrean people are not liberated form what? maybe TPLF? I have no idea) Anyway, anyone who lives in a democratic country has the right to support any of their chosen political party. Nevertheless this individual right doesn't guaranty any one to openly support a terrorist organisation or group. Period! You and every one else for that matter will exactly know what will happen to you if you extend and indicate your support to an organisation such as Al-qaida. The only difference between Al-qaida and the so called TPLF mafia government is in the target's of there terror campaign. While Al-qaida targets the rich, powerful and white people in general, TPLF's target are the poor, powerless, black people of Ethiopia. Now there are various reasons for all of us in supporting or not supporting such kind of organisations or groups. It is always easy to forgive people who extend there support for terror organisations or groups because they were either mislead, brainwashed or forced to do so. But how can anyone in there right mind support a terror campaign on there own people unless they are the benefiters of such actions? and his 77th position in the world is a reflection of that fact.
03/10/06 @ 12:14
Comment from: dungad [Visitor]
03/10/06 @ 12:19
Comment from: Meles leba [Visitor]
gana ethiopia bamulu gazito 1st yihonal (alahi yizot yihid)
03/10/06 @ 12:24
Comment from: lili [Visitor]
oh yea, he is up then. good for him, and am his investment in Ethiopia has helped. midroc's profit has reason by 86% this year only. so he is getting more than he is investing. Grate business man!! when he recieved his honary doctrate at Addis Ababa University. on a speach he made about constant questioning to why he is investing in Ethiopia, he said I quote " I want to be there before everybody else does." and He did. I think if he operates carefully the sky is the limit for this guy and he can take many more Ethiopians to the road to wealthiness with him.
03/10/06 @ 12:25
Comment from: Hayalu [Visitor]
Conguratulation Sheikh Alamudi and May Allah Beless you for your good work to your motherland. Hey people wake up, he is investing and creating job and I think he has the right to support any legintimate party. Glad he is not supporting the Terrorist CUD.
03/10/06 @ 12:28
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
Al Moudi has a right to support any political party he likes. May CUD supporters are not happy with that.

Many CUD supporters think that their patriotic Getem or Zeraf Fukera worth more than Al Moudi's contribution to his beloved country. What a bunch of lossers.

In the old days people use to show their love for their country by Getem and Fukera......CUD brothers and sisters that day is gone......Now the new Ethiopianism is expressed through hard work, and intellect which are compatable in the 21st century.

Wake up!


03/10/06 @ 12:33
Comment from: B.K. [Visitor]
A very rich man In A very poor country.
People please check out this two books. Dude, Where's My Country? by Michael Moore and Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism by Paul Sperry.
They both refer to Al Amoudi as the mysterious oil magnet. It dont matter how he got his money but when you have a lot of money invested in a country you will also have a lot of influence in its politics.
Lets not get carried away!
Lets get critical!!!
03/10/06 @ 12:44
Comment from: benji [Visitor]
Congratulations Al Amoudi, for your achievements.

You deserve loathing for standing behind repressive Woyane.

But you also deserve respect for putting your money where your mouth is.

One out of two is not bad !
03/10/06 @ 12:45
Comment from: Tsedenia G/Markos [Visitor]

If you think killing women and children is hard work, I wouldn't like to be in your shoes. What happened to the people of Ethiopia will never be forgotten, all the crime TPLF committed against the people of Ethiopia will always haunt them forever, and their collaborators.
03/10/06 @ 12:46
Comment from: Abeba [Visitor]
Dear Tsedenia,

"TPLF's target are the poor, powerless, black people of Ethiopia.". Do whites exist in Ethiopia? I mean have you ever met a white Ethiopian? You can mention different ethnic groups but not black and white issue in Ethiopia.
03/10/06 @ 12:48
Comment from: Gundan [Visitor]
We should all respect Al Amoudi’s right to support whatever party he chooses including the despicable TPLF, after all that’s one of the tenets of democracy. In my opinion, he shouldn’t be vilified just because he is in a collision course with the majority of Ethiopians, after all democracy is the respect of minority rights by the majority.

We are all thankful for his investment in our homeland and he deserves praise for that. He has shown our former and current greedy leaders, that there is no need to spirit the country’s wealth to Swiss accounts, instead you could invest in Ethiopia, create well paying jobs for your people, update and upgrade the country’s infrastructure and get rich in bargain. This is a win-win situation for all, like having your cake and eat it too. I entreat everyone to stop bashing Al Amoudi. It’s his money and he has a right to support whomever he chooses. Just like we have the right to boycott Pepsi and Sheraton (frankly though, how many Ethiopians do we know that can afford twelve birr for a cup of coffee).



03/10/06 @ 12:53
Comment from: Mirkana [Visitor]
The conspiracy theorists are funny. Alamoudi has "a hidden agenda", TPLF cadre", the destruction of Ethiopia etc... This man invested more than a billion dollars in Ethiopia, obviously he will support the status quo, business people do NOT like uncertainty. You guys claim to beleive in Democracy and when someone does or says something you disagree with he's labeled as the enemy of the people. You remind me of the Dergue, everyone was something (tsere hizb, bezbaj, tsere abyot, adahari) GROW UP
03/10/06 @ 12:59
Comment from: Tsedenia G/Markos [Visitor]

If you believe in the type of democracy you are advocating, let us see you openly support Al-quida so that we will see what the one of oldest democracy in this world(u.S.A) will make of you. Don't try to misinte
rpret a very clear and open case.
03/10/06 @ 13:04
Comment from: ET [Visitor]
I don't care what FOBES said ,Al Amoudi is a stupid person i never know in my life.Look people the only thing we know is investing in ethiopia but is this true ? i will live this answer to the True Ethiopians.
03/10/06 @ 13:08
Comment from: jay [Visitor]
what you and Tplf are doing to the country is beyond a lot of peoples little mind, keep on doing what you do.
03/10/06 @ 13:11
Comment from: negista Azeb [Visitor]
Oh! people people please try to stick to the subject. We are not talking her about TPLF or Tigreans or any other etnic or political group. We are talking about Mr. Alamudi, why do you have to bring TPLF all the time or is it so easy for you to spell it - a word with only four letters? "Bathe Menilik yedonker Menilik yemut sil yenoral". Please read some thing and try to discuss different topics/subjects - there are a million things to discuss about. And Shek Aalamudi - God Bless you.
03/10/06 @ 13:13
Comment from: Belay Zeleke [Visitor]

That is very good to a billinor to invest in Ethiopia. What ever it is an important man like him should have shared the idea of independent organizations like Amnesty, CPJ ....

Wether Alamudin say it or not the election failed to fulful international standard, and full of fruad.
03/10/06 @ 13:14
Comment from: $$$ Vs basic democracy [Visitor]
I read few comments posted in this Al hamoudi issue!....YES i totally agree that Mr. Al Amoudi can support any political party..that is HIS INDIVIDUAL RIGHT!!and choice...but we must know that every choice has a consequence...whether it be good or bad!! every man/woman is responsible for his/her choice!! Al Amoudi can choose or vote for the Devil itself..that's his right!! but he'll have to reap the consequenses!! Sartre said "every man is the sum of his action". The question is not whether it's his right or not but who is he chosing!!
03/10/06 @ 13:16
Comment from: bekagne [Visitor]

I had a great respect for Al Amoudi, but not anymore. I was stunned when I saw him, on more than one occasion, using his money to help suppress the Ethiopian people. I don't give a dime about his standings. To me he has become one of the oppressors. What he is going to do when we Ethiopian people succeed in getting rid off the TPLF regime?
03/10/06 @ 13:23
Comment from: Mirkana [Visitor]
Give me a break, the guy is a business man and he's protecting his investment.. How can that make him an oppressor? Financial assistance to the ETH Government is given by the US and Europe, in your world everyone that lives and pays taxes in the 2 continents are directly financing whatever is taking place in ETH
03/10/06 @ 13:35
Comment from: Hayalu [Visitor]
Alamudi is not investing to get a great respect from people like you who stand for distruction ana blackmainling. He is doing to make money and to help change the image of his beloved country. And TPLF is never been killer and will not be with the exception of anti peace and anti democracy.
03/10/06 @ 13:39
Comment from: Big Daddy [Visitor]
Money is not everything. A rich indian person is building a billion dollars university in india. Alamudin is building hotels and businesses? Hmmmmmmm, what an asset to ethiopia huh? WOW. Alamudi, bill gates is trying to eradicate polio from the world? Ur trying to eradicate what from ethiopia? Hmmmmmmmmm? Okay so u got 6.9 billion? WOW, we the poor people of ethiopia are impressed. U must be doing something right? Do u shit just as the rest of the people? Maybe you shit more cuz u eat more huh? Aint that some shit? to shit? U got 6.9 billion but u still shit? just like the yenay bitay on the street? its a damn shame

03/10/06 @ 13:41
Comment from: Mirkana [Visitor]
Big Daddy,

You don't need billions to help. Tell us what you have done?

Like they say:

"Think globally act locally"
03/10/06 @ 13:45
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]
This Al-Moudi is like all other Muslim leaders we know. Their only goal is to exterminate all other religions and make every nation an Islamic State. Zenawi really doesn't care. Rules don't apply to the ones in charge. You can see this pattern in Iran, Saudi, Somalia, the former Iraq and Libya.
Ethiopia does not need Al-QUAEDA Agents...we have EPRDF and that is enough trouble.
AL-Moudi is giving the Ethiopians in good standing jobs.WOW! Most Ethiopians can't even stay in his hotel. I have yet to see a true leader of Islam grasp the concept of democracy-maybe because there is nothing democratic about it.
03/10/06 @ 14:06
Comment from: 4DICE [Visitor]
Congrats Mr. Al-Amoudi!!!!!Well deserved.

You are true son of ours. You have done a lot and we are proud of you!. Keep on doing what you are doing - You are first among equals!!

Let the talking heads spurt out this "you are either with us or against us" total nonesense of irrational sentiment. Their herd mentality can not fathom or easily understand diverging ideas or opposing points.

Wake up fellas, Mr. Alamoudi is working hard and creating jobs for his compadres and creating wealth for himself while you go on an endless bikering and keep on spitting out your venemous ethinic nonesense.

No need to rehash the past. Let us move on. Come on, get with the program quick and let us march on building our nation!

God Bless!
03/10/06 @ 14:06
Comment from: GEGNAW [Visitor]
congratulation, MR. Al AMOUDI keep up a good work.
03/10/06 @ 14:08
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]
4 Dice,

Do us a favor and get your precious Al-Moudi to run for president of Eritrea.
03/10/06 @ 14:12
Comment from: Gundan [Visitor]
Dear negista Azeb,

We are discussing Al Amoudi within a context here. Remember, he was in the Forbes list last year, and no one let out so much as a sneeze. This time around it is different, this time, he saw it fit to interject his wealth, popularity and prestige to the center of Ethiopian politics, and people do have varying opinions about this.

As to the proverb ‘Be Atse Menilik yedenekore, Menilik yimut sil yenoral’, you are damn right, that we have to bring TPLF to the fore. We all know from history that Ethiopia had all manners of enemies and survived them through the perseverance of her heroics sons and daughters.

The ‘TPLF’ as a group, are the ‘COKROCHES’ of our generation, and no true son/daughter of Ethiopia is going to sit or sleep today, until they are eradicated from our land and from the backs of our people.

We all are prepossessed with them, because they are working day and night to destroy our people and our identity as a nation. But one thing I can assure you is this, they will be destroyed too and Ethiopia will, once again stand proud and tall, God willing.


03/10/06 @ 14:15
Comment from: Tola [Visitor]
The Saudi guy ,who finances the blood sucker government of Ethiopia,made some more money from the bloods of our brothers ,sisters ,fathers and mothers.It is obvious that some body should get something when some body losses as precious as his life.
03/10/06 @ 14:25
Comment from: 4DICE [Visitor]

You please do me a favore and read my comment above carefuly - you are at it!!!

""you are either with us or against us" total nonesense of irrational sentiment. Their herd mentality can not fathom or easily understand diverging ideas or opposing points."

Amigo, Comprende????
03/10/06 @ 14:28
Comment from: Wado [Visitor]
That is real wonderful to hear! The sheik is real doing a fine job for Ethiopia by putting most of his investments there. However, he needs to put some of his money to build schools, hospitals and roads in Oromia state because most of his investments are in this rich region. This particular region deseves to get the fair share of his investment money in terms of building those important things in that region. In Oromia, we always supportive of our native son: the sheik Al AMOUDI. His our native son and deserves the respect he needs it from his own people here and throughout the globe. By the way, I am very sorry for him by not having his own children. That is Allah's decision: Allah/God is great!
03/10/06 @ 14:34
Comment from: ZULU [Visitor]
I am proud of the great achievement of Mr. Alamo din. But, he must disassociate himself from those murders. I particularly did not like his speech during the celebration of the TPLF's gang invasion of Ethiopia. He said he does not mind giving his life for the thug government for allowing him to do business. Mr. Alomudin, if you want to do business any government welcomes you. Any ways, congratulation!!!
03/10/06 @ 14:38
Comment from: Wado [Visitor]
I know most of those derg thugs and CUD members are always against him one way or the other but it is up to him to support or not to any political party. However, we all agree on, it is much better if he stays aways from taking side with any political party so he can still maintain and have good stand in any situation.
03/10/06 @ 14:39
Comment from: Woleyew [Visitor]
The source of much of the money is Alkayed, and Natural resources he has looted from Ethiopia. Apart from that it is not surprising because the total amount of money he has would never exceed what a plot of a land such as Bademe and others worth. So take care every partiotic citizen, this message is purposly to divert your attention against him and his co (alike). Victory for Ethiopians.
03/10/06 @ 14:54
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]

I GET WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. This AL moudi is something else. I wish EVERYONE COULD WAKE UP TO THIS FARCE. I had to read your comment again. I am with you.
03/10/06 @ 15:01
Comment from: ethiopian [Visitor]
I don’t blame you Al Amoudi, in a critical thinking, what you have done with EPRDF shows that you don’t believe them and don’t trust their artificial free-economy policy. So, go ahead and do it like the old way. Support them even if you don’t like them. Otherwise, ……who knows???
03/10/06 @ 15:01
Comment from: Musbha [Visitor]
Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 1 of 10

Al Amoudi is a champion to all African; he has opened the door of super wealth to all Ethiopian / African/ Colored people. Over 180 million people have an African African ancestry so far AL Amoudi is the very few to achieve high level success without any political appointment and inheritance.

Now it is almost certain other Ethiopians in the future will have more wealth than 7B. As for Mr. Al Amoudi for being the first which is so difficult, we have to congratulate him and wish more wealth and health. And for all of us not billionaires, it is encouragement to work very hard.

Wealth to all Ethiopians

03/10/06 @ 15:03
Comment from: getah; [Visitor]
Did MidRock enterprise pay the 500 Mil it owed the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia?
03/10/06 @ 15:04
Comment from: wurgessa [Visitor]
People,please do not be fooled about this person so called Al-muodi.First of all, he is not an Ethiopian,he a saudi citzen. To me, that does not make me proud of him in any way. second: it is not good for the country to depened on a single person wealth since he owns major industries.Single person means single mind. God forbid, If things goes wrong with him , our country might be in big trouble. Third: This guy is making money. Yes, he has created many jobs that is true and good but,believe me that he taking advantage to make money, being born in Ethiopia, from an Ethiopian mother. Lastly, he is supporer of woyane,which is the most disgusting,courrpted,racist,low minded
short sighted, cheap, anti-Ethiopia ,anti-unity etc...Yes, he has everey right to support any political organizations of his choice but not at the cost of mothers, little children,and ethiopians blood.Inaddition, he has no any bussiness in Ethiopian politics since he is a saudi citzen.Even,according EPRDF constitute no foreign has right to endorse or elect in Ethiopia.Is he above the low because his wealth. we,Ethiopians,Since our country is poor, most of us come from poor family or it is our tradiation, we idolize the rich.To me i do not care about his wealth... I wish and pray one of us, true Ethiopian,who loves his people be like el-moudi even far richer than him.
Peace,for those who love peace with fairness of their heart.
Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 2 of 10

03/10/06 @ 15:14
Comment from: kidus aman [Visitor]
Itis true that we ethiopians had not exprience in modern democracy. Last year election was the firist in our history which proved the lack of exprience we have in the process.Firist and formost we should respect the right of any ethiopian to support and vote any party.One the other hand all ethiopians have the obligation to support ethiopia. Ethiopia is the common factor to all of us.The contribution of an ethiopian to the development of the country should not be attributed to his\her support toCUD,EPRDF,or any other party.It should be assessed by what is clearly seen on the ground.More than any individual, Alamudin conrtibuted to the development of the country .If ethiopianess is to be measured he should be ranked second to noon.He is helping ethiopia and etiopians irrespective of theier relegion orethinic group.Some body who is suspecious of his mission should be realy paranoia and needs psychiatric consultation.
03/10/06 @ 15:30
Comment from: Robel [Visitor]

audioComment By Mohamed Alamudi (2 minute-Radio)
Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 3 of 10

03/10/06 @ 15:37
Comment from: tommyboy [Visitor]
Some people over reacted over his support of the weyanes. I think that is typical of business people. It has never bothered me. He is investing in Ethiopia, so let him support he wishes. I think it is good he is Ethiopian.
03/10/06 @ 16:00
Comment from: Honest [Visitor]
Ain't it dandy when the #562 American does more humanitarian work in Ethiopia even as the #77 Ethiopian born Saudi man doesn't do any.
03/10/06 @ 16:07
Comment from: ZAGWE [Visitor]
Congradualtions. You have money. You have military power /Meles is your body guard/. You are From Saudi /Tigrai. A perfect combinitation to dictitate as you wish. May Alah give you a dot of blessing. That you can not buy!
03/10/06 @ 16:09
Comment from: TheMan [Visitor]
Who is he and who cares?
03/10/06 @ 16:11
Comment from: tommyboy [Visitor]

I heard his speech. I do not agree with his praise of Wyane. However, it would be shameful on anyone to suggest that he can't say the things he said. We are blaming woyanes for denying that same right to millions of Ethiopians. On the other hand we denounce the same principle we are fighting for. I think Al Amoudine is a great Ethiopian and should not be disrespected in anyway. Of course it is entirely OK to challenge him on his views, but to throw the words some of you spitting out on him is absurd. bye.
03/10/06 @ 16:14
Comment from: Teddy [Visitor]
Mr Al Amoudi, You are a very shrewd business man and proven that for the whole world.
My question to you/ or your … is this: ”Why in the hell you call EPDRF a democratic government?”
03/10/06 @ 16:21
Comment from: Hayalu [Visitor]
Teddy, I am not Alamudi, but I can answer the question. He called EPRDF a democtatic government because the government respects individual rights, like free speech, the right to vote and to demonstrate. Unlike the previous gov'ts. I know you don't agree with these ideas but it is true.
03/10/06 @ 16:44
Comment from: kemila [Visitor]
Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 4 of 10

I'm not proud of him because when i compaired his money with Opera....
Opera did a lot of things for Africa and for poor people. His money support only TPLF party. Let me ask you Mr. Al Amoudi you born and raise in the city of Woldia wollo. Have you build school for that poor people, have you support the kids how don't have parents in other area included wollo. ave you give money for HIV survival...
I am so mad when i heard the money yu gave to TPLF ...
03/10/06 @ 16:50
Comment from: negista Azeb [Visitor]
Dear Mr. Gundan, I like your comment because atleast you have tried to be honest with yourself. Listen what are you going to sacrifice to salvage Ethiopia from TPLF or is it not easy to talk than to do!. Are you preparing yourself to free us from TPLF or you are waiting for someone to do the dirty job for you? And by the way if there no rich person do you think the poor will survive? or do you have a different meaning for the work rich. Remember richness and development go hand in hand. Thanks
03/10/06 @ 16:57
Comment from: Robel [Visitor]
To (Editorial.)

As it is clear from the term and condition of this web panel.

It is shame to you to edit my original text in u r own way.

03/10/06 @ 16:59
Comment from: Gudu Genanow [Visitor]

You are an asset to out mother land Ethiopia, Please keep up the good work and get more investment to curve our country’s misery. I have one message to those negative people who are trying to blackmail Sheikh Al-Amoudi ; Can you compare yourselves with the Sheik and say I have done such to my country? I don’t think so, you are a bunch of fools who are trying to submerge the country back to stone age.

Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 5 of 10

03/10/06 @ 17:13
Comment from: getah; [Visitor]
Hodam Hulu
03/10/06 @ 17:15
Comment from: Robel [Visitor]
To Gudu Genanew

Absolutely u r right. Ethiopia need such a commited people for devolopement. If ther are two or three more like Ato Alamudi,We would see in ETH a big change in devolopement.

So My country People please let us think +Ve thing.
03/10/06 @ 17:21
Comment from: negista Azeb [Visitor]
Gudu Genanew

Thanks for your senseble comment.
03/10/06 @ 17:29
Comment from: Gundan [Visitor]
Dear negista Azeb,

Concerning Al Amoudi, I have already expressed my views a little bit earlier and will repeat it here save you from cruising up and down this page:

--We should all respect Al Amoudi’s right to support whatever party he chooses including the despicable TPLF, after all that’s one of the tenets of democracy. In my opinion, he shouldn’t be vilified just because he is in a collision course with the majority of Ethiopians, after all democracy is the respect of minority rights by the majority.

We are all thankful for his investment in our homeland and he deserves praise for that. He has shown our former and current greedy leaders, that there is no need to spirit the country’s wealth to Swiss accounts, instead you could invest in Ethiopia, create well paying jobs for your people, update and upgrade the country’s infrastructure and get rich in bargain. This is a win-win situation for all, like having your cake and eat it too. I entreat everyone to stop bashing Al Amoudi. It’s his money and he has a right to support whomever he chooses. Just like we have the right to boycott Pepsi and Sheraton (frankly though, how many Ethiopians do we know that can afford twelve birr for a cup of coffee).--

As to your second question, that’s how committed am I to see the back side of Woyane? I can assure you that I am one hundred percent committed. I am ready to pay whatever it takes including my life and that of my family. I am sure you will be glad to know that, I am not the only one with this sentiment. There are thousands and thousands in my city alone, and this is one fire let me assure you, that’s not going out without burning down TPLF and completely.
Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 6 of 10



03/10/06 @ 17:49
Comment from: Tola [Visitor]
If you people notice on his speech,Alamoudin talked about one country,one people,and one gov't.That's against the political program of the TPLF.May be this dude is doing what he is doing to protect his multi-Billion investment in Ethiopia.He will do whatever is necessary to protect his investment even if it takes the deaths of thousands of Ethiopians.He might help this gov't to last a little longer but not for ever.
03/10/06 @ 17:51
Comment from: Tola [Visitor]
He had the right to support whatever party he liked before the May election,now we know TPLF has lost the election and killed innocent people in a called blood.If you support and finance this regime after all these massacres and evil acts,you should be held accountable.
03/10/06 @ 18:07
Comment from: GEEDIRAW [Visitor]
It is really sickening to see people, who are giving blind eyes for a person not long ago, just last week pledged, not only his money but gives his life for this woyane goverenment.
most of his employees were x-derge military members by doing so he knowingly assisted the regim:had not these people attened;Their military expertise might have helped resistance strugle against woyane.
last time meles was asked about EU sanctions his response was," ...after all,it is their money " so as shake Alamudin's money.most ethiopians have nothing to do with it.
03/10/06 @ 18:19
Comment from: Habtamu [Visitor]
I don't think the information is correct.Anyway it is good if that is the truth.It is clear that Mohammed borrowed a lot of money from Ethiopian banks for his investment in Ethiopia.If the news is true why don't he use his own money for his investment in Ethiopia so that the money he borrowed could be invested by other people?Anyway the actual investment done by this guy in Ethiopia and the money he borrowed from Ethiopian banks should be investigated.Anyway I don't think he look like a looter to me.
God Bless Ethiopia!
03/10/06 @ 18:20
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 7 of 10

This gentleman is trying to live in peace. He has not asked you to bless him or curse him. He does not need that. His money is his, not your mama's. Why do you talk so much about somebody else's money? I don't talk about your money. I don't know anything about it and I don't care. Talk about your own money, I mean, those you steal from the parking lots and the money you force your "members" to pay to Ethiopian Review for promotion. Woizero Mamite bakes injera and barely makes a decent living in DC. Ethiopian Review comes and asks her to advertise in their paper. If she refuses to pay at least 1000 US, then she is in trouble. Then they will sabotage her trade and tell their supporters not to buy from her and that hurts poor Mamite. This is how CUD earn their money to spread their tribal propaganda. Do you call that fair? Coercing hard working women? They dare not say it for fear of retaliations. This methods of Don Corleone have been adopted by Don Hailu and Don Mesfin too. Sheikh Alamoudi did not earn his money that way. Leave him alone. And why do some of you write as, WE ETHIOPIANS? You are not a WE, neither in numbers nor in the Royal sense. You are you and nobody else. Who the hell do you think you are, ye sons of darkness and ignorance. This is how lies begin. Talk for yourself, not me, not Alamoudi, not all the others. Nobody has given you the mandate to represent us.
03/10/06 @ 18:21
Comment from: Robel [Visitor]

I srongly agree with u.

03/10/06 @ 18:29
Comment from: Hayalu [Visitor]
Bekele Well Done!
03/10/06 @ 18:50
Comment from: ijolle bale [Visitor]
realy i was wonder about this habasha shek al mudin creat 3904
jobs for those poor pepl so any one of u say lot of things about shek al mudin habsha malat iyyabalut yemmi kada daha yetafaxiro daha
but oromo pepl wee sapport him
03/10/06 @ 18:58
Comment from: GEEDIRAW [Visitor]
hodaams!!our fathers and mothers told us eat to live than live to eat.ATASHERGIDU!
03/10/06 @ 19:08
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]
Just Few years ago this Fake sheik had only 1.5 billion, now he is reported to have 6.5 billion.

The money laundering partnership between the fake sheik and Tplf is alive and kicking.

I suspect a foul play some where, there for when we reclaim back our country from (you know who), we will take back what is ours.
03/10/06 @ 19:18
Comment from: Tola [Visitor]

Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 8 of 10

When we say Ethiopians,we mean those millions of Ethiopians who are proud of their country inside and abroad,you know whom I am talking about.You scared of them every gadam day.We are not talking about you and few cancers like you,you guys do not count anyways.
About the sheik,we do not care about his money but we care about our country,that's what he is messing with.
03/10/06 @ 20:02
Comment from: Dagim [Visitor]
What about Meles, Genet, Bereket, Sibihat,Arkebe and other tplf thugs? I hope we will see some of them even ahead of the sheik shik!!!
03/10/06 @ 20:19
Comment from: jay [Visitor]
have you guys herd tplf and the shiek will take ethiopia to a new hight economicaly and democraticaly.
selasie and mengstu sent the country 100 years backward, know thank god we have tplf to fix it.
03/10/06 @ 20:40
Comment from: so [Visitor]
Its the money of the Ethiopian resourses made with the collaboration of the Woyane'S
fake government & nothing to fool us you have the money.

Long live the Ethiopian people.
03/10/06 @ 20:45
Comment from: MUGAD [Visitor]

S.P.L.A, under the leader ship of Mandela has created a peace full country with a strong economy and attracting many investors from all over the world. I am a strong believer of forgiveness’ we need to turn our face, we need to forgive our brother and sisters and start a new life. A life with what we use to be, do you see how the Jamaicans sell a photo of King Haylesilase and on the other side when we go to the Ethiopian store there is a photo of king Haylesilase but no one is buying, do you see the picture? I am not trying to preach you on any ideology, but what I am trying to say is OPEN YOUR EYES AND MINDS, PLEASE TRAY TO FORGEVE WE CAN’T GO ANY FURTHER WITH OUT FORGIVENES. WE NEED TO THINK AND RE-THINK . THENKS WITH LOVE !!!!!!
03/10/06 @ 20:55
Comment from: korgel [Visitor]
SO WHAT ? WHO CARES ? I care about him only when he stands for the truth.
03/10/06 @ 21:10
Comment from: tizibt new [Visitor]
I felt good seeing the news. Yet again, it remains a puzzle for me to see that this wise guy failing to woyane's trap. He would have been better off with a distance from TPLF. He has all the money he needs, what he needs most at this phase of his life was respect and admiration from people who can really offer. He is unfortunately faulterning, Faulterning big by supporting a fascist regime which has no mercy to its own people.
Ethiopia Eternal Love - Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi 9 of 10

Supporting Meles's criminal regime can't be considered as political stand. It is way beyond that. Just like one can't claim to have a different political stand while supporting alqaeida. It is immoral and illegal to associate one self to a criminal entity. That is what Meles's regime is all about. With all due respect, Mr Alamoudi, I advice you to watch your stand. It wouldn't pay off at the end.
03/10/06 @ 21:17
Comment from: Thunder [Visitor]

How can you forgive a bunch of hoodlumes who are selling a nation and are the mother of all terrorist?


03/10/06 @ 21:30
Comment from: Mimi [Visitor]
Bravo Bekele! Tell them as it is.

CUD may represent the Amhara's. But does nor represent all Ethiopians. Their moto is "ine kemotku serdo ayibkel" like the saying goes. Everyone has to suffer because they did not get the position they wanted. Who wants rules that are selfish and inconsiderate?

Wake up people!
03/10/06 @ 21:34
Comment from: tizibt new [Visitor]
" Nobody has given you the mandate to represent us"

A critic by the reknowned Bekele to those who say "we". According to Mintesinot, It is Ok to say "us" but not "we".
Ethiopia Eternal Love- Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi 10 of 10

Yet again, there are Mimis' to chear him up!!!!
03/10/06 @ 21:50
Comment from: DM [Visitor]
Congratulations for being the 77th richest person in the world. $7 billion emmm....can make a difference for our poor country. Really you can make a difference if you are really want to change the country.
May God multiply it by 1000a?
03/10/06 @ 22:21
Comment from: shoko [Visitor]
Dear, Al amoudi
pleas think towic about the criminal ethiopa geverener
03/10/06 @ 22:28
Comment from: Dady [Visitor]
i visited this website after several months but most of visiters (diasporas) still talk nonsence as usuall. what a boring ! please put aside your stupid thinking and try to contribute something fruitfull . now i found that habashas knows only talking to much not working.
some of u are saying Al amoudi is not an ethiopian, who the hell r u then ? u all are holding american passport so u r not ethiopian ? stope insulting an invester who is feeding millions of ethiopians.

please go to school before comenting on political and nation's issue. i'm very much ashamed to read your stupid coment. huh.
03/10/06 @ 22:51
Comment from: Woyane yemitela [Visitor]
Good for you Mr. Alamoudi,
In my opinion you do a lot for Ethiopians. But to see you associating with the haters of Ethiopia,it hurts. Please do not tarnish your name by backing Melese's regime. The only sin that CDU elected officials commited was that they wanted to see good change. they are locked up for that. Melese is desperate. But his days are numbered.

Ethiopia will emerge once again.
God bless Ethiopia!!!
03/10/06 @ 23:13
Comment from: taddy [Visitor]
WE Ethipina proud of you Al amoudi

Al amoudi said "never forgets what the government of EPRDF first told me to invest in Ethiopia as this is his country. I would therefore support such a government and give his life.This partisanship also applies to my family"

God bless Ethiopia
03/10/06 @ 23:36
Comment from: taddy [Visitor]
WE Ethiopian proud of you, Al amoudi

Al amoudi said "never forgets what the government of EPRDF first told me to invest in Ethiopia as this is your country. I would therefore support such a government and give me life. This partisanship also applies to my family"

God bless Ethiopia
03/10/06 @ 23:40
Comment from: Metne [Visitor]
What is the Hysteria about him!
03/10/06 @ 23:44
Comment from: Sammy [Visitor]
Once again hater cud supporters are talking shit....cause they all shit anyways...but ya happy for u still...Ethiopia will be for the hard workers from now on...not those who sit on there ass and talk non-sense
03/11/06 @ 00:08
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]
Mr Al Amoudi,

Have you ever wondered on whose land
you built your hotel? Or as you said
on the current Woyane party there,
as long as Woyane tells you "galbebet" you do not care.

The answer, it belongs to Emebete
Semaetwa Aboye, and her husband
the Addis Ababa Oromo chief
Fitawrari Abaebae Tufa. You see
she was the cousin of Emeye Menelik,
hence the proximity to his house
up on the hill. Yanem kezarew
yebellette alem taytobetal.
Telantena be Haile Sellasie enkwan
bezu tesertobetal. Therefore, my
friend, if you have good intentions
to help the Ethiopian people, its
commendable. But supporting this
hateful, inferiorty complex driven,
ethnic tyrant who has wiped away
our identity, who is looting all
he could get his hands on, and calling us names day in and day out
will eventually only lead to your destruction as you profitically
mentioned in this party of hateful
occupiers dancing on the corpse of our noble people.

03/11/06 @ 00:21
Comment from: efrem [Visitor]
if ive a heart and a spirt that's better than alamudin or bill gates, i dont care for thier wealth because i might have better future in the coming life
03/11/06 @ 00:36
Comment from: meseret [Visitor]
you should not be weighed by the money you own,but by the faith ethiopian have in you
03/11/06 @ 02:34
Comment from: ALEC [Visitor]
Dear Sheikh Alamudi-

why would you come out and say you support such a ruthless government, that has lots of incont blood on his hand to improve your economical relation? do you think what Meles's doing to the people of Ethiopia the right thing? do you know that when Meles finally come to face at the hague for his war crime that you will be one of them. People of Ethiopia will not forgive and forget. frindship don't last longer...
03/11/06 @ 04:20
Comment from: Chafamo [Visitor]
Congurtulation Dear Alemudi..
you are praud Ethiopian ,God bless you and your property.
03/11/06 @ 05:06
Comment from: Doyoo [Visitor]
Empires rise and fall, wealth accumulated wealth dispersed.
No matter how much money Alamoudi has, he still spends sleepless nights not becuase of his worry about what he has but about what he can add on what he already has.
Alamoudi's alms to the woyane government is not political in nature but of a pure motive to widen the bussiness opportunity to accumulate MORE. No wonder he pledged to sacrify even his life for the TPLF/EPRDF government. Hope he doesn't entertain the idea of being a suicide bomber when the regime whose foundation is shaking and about to collaps.

03/11/06 @ 05:42
Comment from: tizibt new [Visitor]
You really are good in lterature. But as usual it is empty with out a grain of substnace in it. You pretend to write something of importantce but all that you do is damp your stinky filth on this forum. Just not to let you go away with your lies. Dr Birhanu has never been and never was an American. CVouldn't ahve run for election carrying an Amercian citizenship. Don't tell us that the masters of black mailing, TPLFites have kept quite so far knowing well that he is an American. Look after all those beautiful literature, what comes out is consisitent lie. On the other hand, here are some persoanlities among TPLF condoms who were abraod and took the opportunity to loot that country when EPRDF took power. Some of whom still maintained their non Ethiopian citizenship. Dawit Yohannes (former DC cab driver)and house speaker, Ato Kifle (prime architect of EPRDF's constitution), Kemal Bedri the head of the infamous election board, president of the supreme court, head of constitutional affairs and the late Dr Abdulmajid, the only one with cerebrum (former UN ambassoardor), DR Kasu Ilala current head of southern people..,and minstre of capacity building Professor Endirias, current AAU president and Meles's buddy (advisor), Dr Samuel (current washington Ambassador), former ministre of social affiars (still Australian) to mention just a few. I don't want to go to the list of "Sheraton gangs" who have recently extended their arm to US, which I am afraid you are a meber of. None of these have suffered a fraction of what he has endured from the previous regime Tegadaly Bekele tries to associate him with.

Do you need more facts. Next time I will write more about the sheraton gangs for which you have a mebership.

Till then, good bye.
03/11/06 @ 07:56
Comment from: wogenawe [Visitor]
Melees Alamudi and co are the Mafia gruppe in Ethiopia.We Ethiopians we must fight them till it is comming the real demokratie in our country.
03/11/06 @ 08:07
Comment from: alex [Visitor]
Congratulation Mr. Sheik Alamoudi on your success to be named in the list of the billionaires. Good Job man.
You have the right to choose to support any political party and I appreciate your openess in this case. When you did good things for Tilahun and other people affilated with former Derg regime EPRDF did not say any thing unlike CDU and I would like to appreciate EPRDF on this regard.
Alamoudi keep your effort to alleviate the poverty of our country and advise EPRDF to be flexible on its way of handlig political cases.
Good Job Alamoudi
03/11/06 @ 10:40
Comment from: Wondwossen [Visitor]

"You will never catch a fool with money!"

As much as most of us differ in opinion about the 77th richest man on this planet, we all have to agree that there are some very good points to be proud of.
He is the richest black person!
He is related (born and half by blood) to Ethiopia, one of the poorest nation!
He is growing! and fast!
He pledges to allign himself with ethiopia!
thank God for that....
Now, I wish he was saved, so that he will also go to heaven! because we all will not last long, some 70 or 80 years only, and the rest is waekness.
And relegion does not guarantee what is to come after death on earth!
And if this man got saed, and our political leaders Got saved (soul) it definitely will be better for the whole nation and even the continent that Ethiopia is bound to lead, I even want to say that will be good for the black race.

But now we have to congradulate the richest black man, Al Amoudin. We hope you mean good for our Ethiopia.
03/11/06 @ 11:20
Comment from: ZERYAWKAL [Visitor]
It is ok! To see an ethiopian
being a rich man computing with
the world's prosperous persons.
But dear Alamudi don't be biased
with whatever political occations
because as time goes political situations also change emprically
So, please don,t do like this except helping your country as before.
03/11/06 @ 12:50
Comment from: ensmama [Visitor]
Does it matter where Al-Amoudine gets his money as long as he invested in Ethiopia?
Is it not his democratic right to affiliate with any party he wishes to?
Supressing one's right of choice and forcing yours into someone is contradictory to democracy.
How many of you guys stealing money from parking lot and gas station to build $1M dollar worth of house in Ethiopia or trying to do business.
Should you also be investigated?
"before you take out a spike from your eye, how could you tell your friend to take a spike out of his eye".
After all, he is helping the ethiopian people.
Finally, Thanks to this individual who serves his country in action.
03/11/06 @ 12:53
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

I would trade my good looks for wealth any time!
03/11/06 @ 12:58
Comment from: kidus aman [Visitor]
What is the definition of true ethiopian?is it manifested by suporting this or that paty?or by singing a song about ethiopia?by organising public demonestration and manifesting the hatered towards EPRDF?the answer is none of the above.We know that many peaple especialy those in diaspora are investing outside and ethiopians are not benefiting from them. These individuals are also shouting to stop any aid to this poor country.How can these people be compared with alamoudin.If it was not for the help of alamoudin the office for the african unity could have been in tripoli.every thing he is doing is permanent property of ethiopia.LONG LIVE ALAMOUDIN.
03/11/06 @ 13:15
Comment from: tesfaye [Visitor]
Congratualtions on your success. You have also the right to support any political party. Good that you talked about unity in the country that is what we want.keep it up!!! Please,try to also help to restore peace in the country which may be good for the wellbeing of ethiopia and your investment.
03/11/06 @ 13:33
Comment from: kidus aman [Visitor]
How long are we going to stay in vicious cycle? We are always confusing and mixing the ruling party and our country and its people.when we want to oppose the ruling party we do it by harming our people.Let us look the last 30 years and we find that all oppositions against the governements harmed the poor people than the government. Mengistu ruled the country for 17 years and currently he is comfortably living in zimbabwe .Melese is going to stay in power atleast for 20 years and nothing is going to happen for him after that.The net result of our opposition should be clear to all of us.Now ethiopia is one of the poorest contries in the world. millions are suffering from communicable dissease.We can oppose any party or organization systematicaly and in a modern way.In ethiopia no party ,organization or individual should be considered as an enemy.The enemy of this country is poverty.We should concentrate to alleviate this situation.At least let us not discourage indiviuals who are are actively participating in this process.Let us resepect any bodys idea and support to any party.Is it a crime to vote for the republican or democratic party in USA .The citizens of USA respect the right of their billioners to vote for either party.Ethiopia is lucky enogh to have one of the billioniers.Like any individual he has the right to support what he likes.We should be able to differentiate a governement from the country and its citizenes.This is the time to wake up and stop the vicious cycle of enemity to each other .
03/11/06 @ 15:00
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]
The fact that an Ethiopian, at least by birth, is named in the top 100 richest people in the world is a BIG DEAL. He is the richest Black Man on the Planet, impressive stuff.

There is no doubt in my mind that Al Almoudi has done a great deal to contrinute to Ethiopian economy. One only has to visit Ethiopia and witness for yourself.

And no one should deny Al Amoudi who he supports politically. But in my humble opinion it was a BAD JUDGEMENT on his part to support TPLF in public. He is a big time businessman and investor and his support of Woyane has been very polarizing, and it serves no purpose in the long term. Because Woyanes time are almost over. Unless he is completly out of touch, anyone with the right mind knows that, Election 2005 was stolen, so why would a man of his caliber and stature would put himself for ridicule by supporting Woyane or any government for that matter in public.

His strength is how to make a dollar out of 50 cent and he should focus on that and get out of politics.

I am outa of here
03/11/06 @ 15:17
Comment from: Nurehussien [Visitor]
Bastard ARAB! Woyanes Pupet!
03/11/06 @ 15:37
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

I wish you all a good day and I send you my blessings.

Take heed, O ye denizen of the underworld of DC and LA, for you will go about weeping and wailing in sackcloth and ashes when day of reckoning and gnashing of teeth comes to Kaliti! I hope you will be thrown into a den of hyperactive lions, O thou sad TRIBALISTS! Harken, O thou who art a byword for idiocy, for you will be trampled by a herd of stampeding pigs! I hope you will be swallowed by a whale with excessively bad breath, thou lazy NEFTEGNA and Derg remnants! I pray thou shalt be turned into a pillar of salt, O ye offspring of a squashed cockroach and eaters of Kentucky Fried! Thy name is CUD. Woe unto thee, O thou babbling CUD/Neftegna, for you will see your pomegranates wither even between your legs! Behold, thou shalt be kicked by an incontinent camel, O ye breaker of the commandments and the constitution and ye INSTIGATORS OF ETHNIC CONFLICT! Take heed, thou irritating inhabitant and lobbyist of DC, for you will beget difficult teenagers that forever will live of ganja! Woe unto thee, O thou sulphurous, vitriolic, vociferous nonentity, for you will be smitten with all-over boils! We acknowledge, O LORD, their wickedness, and the iniquity of their fathers, those breakers of thy commandments: for they have sinned against thee and against those peasants of Ethiopia suffering from drought and poverty. CUDs/Neftegnoch/Derg litters are vanity, the work of errors: in the time of their visitation they shall perish for ever and ever Amen. While EPRDF/TPLF shall live forever.
03/11/06 @ 16:52
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
To Nurehussien

You said: "Bastard ARAB! Woyanes Pupet!".

Why you hate Arab ???

Are you hate muslim ethiopian ???

What is the difference between muslim ethiopian and Arab???
03/11/06 @ 16:54
Comment from: Nurehussien [Visitor]
To Mike
Being enemy #1
03/11/06 @ 17:17
Comment from: Asgedom [Visitor]
What do you expect from a man with mony but with out brain. I am amazed how idiot he is by associating TPLF. But again he is Arab
03/11/06 @ 17:26
Comment from: tizibt new [Visitor]
As previlidged member of animal farm (TPLF sponsored sheraton gang), you defintely would have a greater opportunity to deal with all of the animals you refered to . Pray to survive the stampede from your compatriot pigs on the day the people of Ethiopia previal over their oppressors and buchillas like you.
03/11/06 @ 18:04
Comment from: Doyoo [Visitor]
There is a world of difference between Arabs and Ethiopian Muslims.
The Arbs well know the Arabic language and so they can read the Quran, whereas Ethiopian Muslims don't know Arabic so they can't read the Quran which is full of hatred towards Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims. Got it?

03/11/06 @ 18:20
Comment from: Ethiopiawit [Visitor]
Long life le "Al-Amudi"
03/11/06 @ 18:47
Comment from: lily [Visitor]
you are un idiot
03/11/06 @ 18:48
Comment from: ahmed [Visitor]
Al-aumdi you are our hero, father.

you are the muslim power.

keep it up.
03/11/06 @ 19:33
Comment from: wozeiro condjo [Visitor]
It was with utter disgrace that I was reading most of your comments in this forum, dedicated to the wealth of Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who are most of these people who are stating their bias opinion and try to impose on others their tribalism.
Let us come clear on this. Only Amharas are the ones who are green with jealousy.

Let us come to one understanding, Oromos, Guragues, Somalis, Haderes, Kotus of Harrar…etc we are all Ethiopians. You like it or not. We do not have to be Amharas to be considered Ethiopians There is no such equation, Ethiopia = Amharas.

First and foremost it is irrelevant how this man got all this wealth. The one thing noble about him that we, Ethiopians should be grateful for, is the fact that he chose his country of birth to invest and give the chance to make decent living for so many of our compatriots. There are about some thirty thousands people working in Ethiopia for this “Arab”. This man is only ½ Arab, the other ½ is Wolloye. So according to your distorted mentality a person from Wollo is not an Ethiopian anymore??? Wow, it is getting very interesting!

The man could have invested this money in any foreign country and be respected for it.

Second, it is unfair to judge him on where he stands as far as Ethiopian politic is concerned. He has all the right to choose any party; but it was not smart, business wise, for Sheikh Al Amoudi to express explicitly his political affiliations. But again, who said that there is correlation between wealth and brain?? Most of these people on Forbes’ list do not even have a Bachelor Degree.

Here are my opinions about most of you guys. First learn how to spell and write in proper English. An eleven years old child can write much better English than most of you guys/gals. It is a shame that most of you living either in Canada or in the US and are never trying to attend any school to improve basic English language. All of your ambitions is to work in a place like parking lots where you can steal and just show off your SUV.

03/11/06 @ 20:01
Comment from: Qassim [Visitor]
good job my man, at least you earned it.
03/11/06 @ 20:14
Comment from: bordede [Visitor]
Dear gundan:
I really share your ideas
what a great idea and thinking
03/11/06 @ 20:39
Comment from: nanny [Visitor]
WOW, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great work !!!!!!!!! Dr.Al-Amudi you diserve respect for doing this for ur country and change history!!! we were known for been example for famine you really are a great bussiness man,,, I hope we will learn a lot from you which is hard work. great bussiness man!!!!!!! lot's of respect for ur work and great acomplshment. wish you all the best for the years yet to come from CHICAGO.
03/11/06 @ 21:00
Comment from: Thunder [Visitor]

I know, let alone your looks (I am sure you are the exact image of your master melese) you can even sell yourself whene it comes for money. Money is your god. I don't blame you since money is new for you! You are a chaff in the wind, if you know what I mean!!!
03/11/06 @ 21:05
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]
Weizero (zero) condjo,

Please explain, where is Wello?
Look at the current disfigured map
of Ethiopia and please show us
where it is. The only provinces
I see is Tigray, and it has kinda
shifted left and swallowed quite
a bit of land that belongs to somebody else. Ye Gondar ena Gojjam
denberu Abay, Ye Gondar ena Tigray
Tekezze, Ye Shewa ena Wello Beshlo,
Woyane endemyaleksew demo, Ye Tigray
ena Eritrea Mereb new. The rest is
teret teret yelam beret.
03/11/06 @ 21:35
Comment from: Negussie Woldemariam [Visitor]
DR, Shiek Mohamed alamodie,We Democrat Ethiopians proud of you.
03/11/06 @ 22:05
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

My Neftegna girlfriend would disagree with you on my good looks! Besides, I would rather look like Meles than your master Mengistu or even worse, Birhanu Nega! I would rather have the brains of Meles than your retarded master Hailu Shawel! I would rather have the wealth of Alamoudin than your broke Cab Drivers in DC. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go relax in my Bole mansion.

Later Thunder
03/11/06 @ 23:38
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]
Correct me if i'm wrong

Dislike The Shiek = No muslim votes
Like The Shiek = 50% of nation's vote

It looks like a 2nd grade math to me. If i had a party to vote for i would expect my party leader to do the math.

still love u
03/12/06 @ 00:58
Comment from: Thunder [Visitor]

Dream on!!!

03/12/06 @ 02:27
Comment from: mudin [Visitor]

What's Meles's education level, You seem to talk about how smart the man is, let's know his education level if you know it at all???
03/12/06 @ 05:00
Comment from: Helina [Visitor]
03/12/06 @ 07:20
Comment from: wozeiro condjo [Visitor]
to Mudin, Yirgacheffe, Thunder, Shewarege:

Hello little boys, needless to remind you that this is the forum for Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi; either you congratulate the man or express your venemous (Amharas)comments only; It is not a forum where uneducated, simple mind, envious "little boys" exchange their radical, distorted political views. If you guys want to say something about Meles, bring it to the attention of this Web Cordinator to open a forum where you guys can insult each other to eternity. So, let us all Ethiopians take a moment to congratulate Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi to be the first man with black heritage to be nominated in the Forbes'list. Let's keep our envy and unfounded accusation on the side and be proud of this man who has invested more than any one else in Ethiopia. So join me to say,"Cheer Sheikh Al Amoudi for the very good year in your business dealings"
03/12/06 @ 07:30
Comment from: Agereazene [Visitor]
Congratulation to Ala Moudi;

It looks good to hear your wealthiness however I am sad when I think your other sides probably weakness that can be corrected otherwise thoughtful taken as a risk or messanger of hidden agenda. After all you have flesh like all of us have, you will leave behind all what you have and used to do, you can't take any of it but your soul. Think of what you are accumulating for life, think of the people who loved and admired once.. now asking why he turned blind and run to support the tyranny, totalitarian regime.

I wish you think of once again and advise the leader who you have been promising even your lives for their ministry.. but why, what does it mean. You came as nationalist but now are are becoming opportunist, but why.. to accumulate more wealth... don't forgot all will pass but good deed and truth will..

thanks sir coming again to your mind and work for the betterment of once your fellow citizens..history will prevail.
03/12/06 @ 07:53
Comment from: QORQORO [Visitor]
If Almoudi was amara christian you would have carved him a statue bigger than the Aksum obelisk..
03/12/06 @ 09:45
Comment from: tripleX [Visitor]

Al Amoudine is half Amhara, qorqoro.
You make too much noise.
03/12/06 @ 10:06
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
To Doyoo

You said: "There is a world of difference between Arabs and Ethiopian Muslims.
The Arbs well know the Arabic language and so they can read the Quran, whereas Ethiopian Muslims don't know Arabic so they can't read the Quran which is full of hatred towards Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims. Got it?".

That means you hate always muslims wether they are ethiopian or not. Because all muslim ethiopians know Quran. So i was always right to say that christian ethiopians have problem about muslims in ethiopia.

Liotolstoy, said that love your neighbour otherwise you will loose. So ethiopian neighbours are : Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Djioubuti and in near distance Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
03/12/06 @ 10:21
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
To tripleX

You said: "Al Amoudine is half Amhara, qorqoro. You make too much noise."

False, because the meaning of Amhara is christian. But Al Amoudine is muslim !!!

Wollo is not a christian state or Gojjam or Gondar are not christian states. In wolo lives mor muslims than christians. But only christians are named Amhara and not muslims inhabitants, they are simply ethiopian and muslim.
03/12/06 @ 10:26
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

He received elementary education at the Queen of Sheba Junior Secondary School in Adwa and completed High School in 1972 at General Wingate School in Addis Ababa. He then joined the Medical Faculty of Addis Ababa University where he studied for two years.

Meles interrupted his studies in 1974 to join the struggle against the Dergue regime.

Upon his return from the field, Meles acquired a First Class M.A. in Business Administration and another one from the Open University, following the distance education he completed between 1993 and 1995.

Source: BBC Biography
03/12/06 @ 10:38
Comment from: Sima [Visitor]
To Doyo,

If u had red ur bible u dont have to red Quran to convert ur self in to Islam, so first try to red ur owen even if it is so confusing because of its most verses clash & oppose each other.

Again u have no moral to abuse muslims and their Quran (True reference and guidance) Since the muslim ass is cleaner than ur mouth.

Doyoo, i recomend u to clean up ur mouth it stinks.
03/12/06 @ 11:59
Comment from: wozeiro condjo [Visitor]
Come on you guys, we are here on this forum to talk about this Sheikh Al Amoudi. Not religion, not Meles. Capish?? Testa dura??

Let me quote Haile Selassie, “Religion is an individual issue, but the country (Ethiopia) is for everyone.” – “Haymanot ye gara nw, hager ye hulum nw”. So let us keep religion or any belief system in our cozy home. When we leave our home we are one – Ethiopian- not Amharas but Ethiopians

In Ethiopia religion should transcend tribalism.
Get inspire by listening to the lyric of Theodros – “Anchim be yamanotish, enem be yamanote”

As it is, we are already divided into so many tribes, so many political factions and the worst being the socio-economic strata.

When the French were defeated in the war of Algeria, the French president at that time, Charles de Gaule said, - “Pride is tasteless, colorless, and sizeless. Yet it is the hardest thing to swallow.” This quote is for the Amharas who are still resenting that a Tigrean administration is in power. There was a time when Amharas were in power, believe me there were so much atrocities, but no one resented them. The Arabs have a saying, “ Kulo bil wakto” which translate in the facto language of Ethiopia, amarigna “hulum be guizew”

Since we are on this sheikh Mohammed forum, let us talk about him.

Sheikh Al Amoudi
If ever you read this forum, please note that when the king of Saudi Arabia died he was buried in a simple white garment. No palaces, no jewels, no billions were buried with him. Only his body in that white piece of cloth.
Since your bio says that you are in your 60’s with no kids, and now that you have proved yourself to the point to be nominated in the Forbes’ list, please now prove yourself to be humanitarian as well.

I am not suggesting giving alms left and right, but helping so many entrepreneurs as a stepping stone. There is a universal saying, “Instead of giving fish to someone every day, teach him to fish”.
There are thousands of fellow Ethiopians who have brilliant business ideas, but no collateral to start their business. It will be of immense help if you can put some money on the side for this project. – Helping hands to future at least millionaires.
As we all know, you did not achieve this status without the help of someone very generous.
03/12/06 @ 13:20
Comment from: Tedla Asfaw [Visitor]
He is number 77 and let all Ethiopians call him number 77 who is putting his wealth to the service of child and women killers.

Wait a minute!! What do the riches of the Saudi royal family has brought to the Saudis??

It brought Bin laden and his comrades who are now in a holy war with the rich nations of the world.

Number 77, please use your money for those who are suffering from AIDS and we will call you our beloved richest man of the world number 1.

Ma Salema !!
03/12/06 @ 14:03
Comment from: hobnob [Visitor]
mr. ali has done a lot for the country. he has given work and a glimpse of hope for many. which is worse? to sit in the sun day-in day-out doing nothing or consider the idea of becoming a muslim.what has ethiopia gotten from thousands years of orthodox christianity? over inflated ego and too many holy excuses not to work.
03/12/06 @ 15:46
Comment from: Thunder [Visitor]

Ethiopia is being destroyed as a nation and its people are being murdered by TPLF/EPRDF and Al Amoudi is financing the TPLF/EPRDF. Do you see the picture? As an Ethiopian I don't think I should praise a killer. I condem him for what he is doing againest Ethiopia and its people for his own greed. He is destroying a nation and the people. Shame on Al Amoudi and his buchillas!
03/12/06 @ 18:07
Comment from: YEBOLE LIJ [Visitor]
03/12/06 @ 18:38
Comment from: Yemata [Visitor]
wozeiro condjo

I think you are new to this forum. I say this as I keep reading your futile attempt to remind posters about the topic, which is about Shiek Alamoudi. As you could see for yourself your appropriate advice has not been heeded. Welcome to forums. You should expect more of the same in the future. The postings are rarely about the topic at hand, they are about the easily predictible and continuosly polarized attitude in Ethiopia.

I for one join you in congratulating the man for his unbelievable achievement. Only comment I have, well, I would imagine a person of his stature should have known better than wearing an EPRDF T-shirt, and thereby setting himself to unfair bombardments as a traitor of Ethiopia...

And on what Hailesilassie said, a correction, it should read "Haimanot yeGil, Ager YeGara" not as you put it-“Haymanot ye gara nw, hager ye hulum nw”.

03/12/06 @ 21:14
Comment from: wozeiro condjo [Visitor]
To Yemata,

Thank you for the correction. I mean it.
03/12/06 @ 21:35
Comment from: Tesse [Visitor]
Sir congratulations!
I think you were 104th some three or fours years ago now you are at.....
I think there is some crime that you committe ,that makes you TPLF supporter.May be this achievement is a fruite of that crime.Believe me it is just a matter of time that TPLF and you (if there is some wrong you did) will come to justice.
selam for Ethiopia
03/13/06 @ 02:50
Comment from: think about Almoudi after 9/11 [Visitor]
yaa, he is billioner. He is killikng poor people of ethiopia and displacing innocent Gugi Oromos.

Who knows, my be he is behind september 11 (9/11) bombing. Because that day is ethiopias new year where his hotel (Sherton Addis)had a lots of fun. I usual think, why 9/11 bombing was just on ethiopias new year. I think CIA need to look back this man. He is even playing with blood of innocent, poor people of ethiopia especial Oromo people by funding terrorist Governement, Meles Zenew who lies 100 times to international community.

One day he will pay back the money he is amassing from innocent Oromos.
03/13/06 @ 03:33
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]
CUD Totorial for genocide

1. The enemy is qualitatively different than us.

2. The enemy represents some great evil. They are demonic, fascist, fundamentalist, etc. The evilness of the enemy is eternal. They have always been evil and they will always be evil.

3. The enemy has harmed us in the past with impunity.

4. The enemy has plans to harm us again in the future.

5. Unlike the enemy, we are noble and deserving of the good lives that the enemy would deny to us

6. The enemy is united so we must also be. Those of us who undermine our unity are traitors or agents of the enemy.

7. This is the final battle. If we win we will move on to a bright future free from the threat that the enemy poses.

Once the enemy is identified and associated with evil, then the road is wide open for Satenaw and the like to swing their machete.
03/13/06 @ 04:53
Comment from: Hailu [Visitor]
Good news to ethiopians and africans who so ever got his interpernership prevelages.I hope you will do much in ethiopia incolboration with EPRDF,that is every ethiopian wish.Mr.Alamudi don't get any confiusion with left extermist CUD illegal much in ethiopia and root out the old cultural orthodoxy blives from the serface.thank you Sir......
03/13/06 @ 06:47
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

You said” I would trade my good looks for wealth any time"

Are you saying that you are ready to bend over to the Shekshaki Alamudi to screw you?
No surprise there, you Tigray cadres do anything for money including prostituting yourself for a dime, specially a wealthy Arab comes along, that will make your day.
Have fun!!!
03/13/06 @ 07:02
Comment from: yaf_satenaw [Visitor]
Shame on those of you who think of boycotting H.E. Alamoudi to send him bankrupt.

You have approved your real image infront of the world. You see this is why we are poor. ENVY is what can describe us all.

This man has come to his poor people just to contribute in the way he can, then he felt in love with the leaders because he has seen them sweating day n night for the good of their people.

Then you cabbists come from a corner and try to destroy his reputations and want to bankrupt his businesses.

But this man is sent by God to Ethiopia to help its people. That's why he excells all the 100 something people before him.

This is a sign dudes confess to the lord and your country to save your ...

BTW, he has finished a contract to buy 'Legedadi', now we will see if you still gonna BOYCOTT its product. ;-)))))))))))))))
03/13/06 @ 07:09
Comment from: Dagmawi Yosef [Visitor]
The 77th richest person in the world is an Ethiopian by blood.How ever, His contribution to the nation is not significant. His main focus is sided on the tyranny government who abused the poor nation. Currently, he is becoming the agony of the poor people of the nation as he is prefering to be the back bone of the dectator group of the country.
Let him be sided on the decator,s walk, we Ethiopians shall win the tyranny.

03/13/06 @ 07:30
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]
We hear that this fake Sheik is a billionaire. However, is there any figure to tell how much money the fake Sheik invested in Ethiopia? (I mean investment from his pocket)
On the contrary, according to the information I have, the fake Sheik owes 13 billion Birr (1.5 Billion US Dollar) to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.hammmmmmm…

Does anyone know how profitable Sheraton Hotel is? What I do know is, based on the information I have, that the owners of Sheraton Hotel are Meles and Al Amoudi.

03/13/06 @ 07:42
Comment from: kechinu Alebachew [Visitor]
We are proud of the news that a black African poor is being the 77th richest group of the world.

However, we need the heart than the head to be part of the people of the poor. This perso is rather prefering to be partners of many of the beautiful ladies of the country. In this case I am ashamed of saying this but the realty.

He is highly in need of dating any of the beautiful ladies and I thing this may contribute for the spreading of the deadly virus.

03/13/06 @ 07:45
Comment from: RAYA [Visitor]

King of the King of ethiopian
prised from God
ever living
Sceikhi let god be with you and your family

FORSA AL-Amoudin
03/13/06 @ 08:48

Ethiopia's Mohammad Al Amoudi named 2nd richest person in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia's Mohammad Al Amoudi named 2nd richest person in Saudi Arabia
Ethiopia's Mohammad Al Amoudi named 2nd richest person in Saudi Arabia

Source: Arabian Business

Born in Ethiopia to a Yemeni father, Mohammad Hussein Al Amoudi was raised in Saudi Arabia and is today considered one of the largest foreign investors in Sweden and North Africa.

He made his first fortune in construction and real estate before branching out into buying oil refineries in Morocco and Sweden — where he was honoured with the Royal Swedish Order of the North Star by King Carl XVI — and his native Ethiopia, where he bankrolls the national soccer team.

By the end of last year, the current economic crisis had taken a toll on a number of Al Amoudi’s Swedish investments. The stock exchange lost over 30 percent of its value between August and December 2008, while the plummeting oil price hardly helped Al Amoudi’s oilfield operations.

Yet while the Nordic region’s biggest economy is still in recession as the global paralysis of credit markets undermines consumer spending and saps demand for Swedish goods, the stock exchange has bounced back to summer-2008 levels. And that’s good news for investment behemoths such as Al Amoudi, who owns a broad portfolio of businesses not only in oil but also in mining, agriculture, hotels, hospitals, finance, operations and maintenance.

His holding and operating companies, Corral Group and the Midroc Group, employ more than 40,000 people. Corral Group has an investment portfolio in Europe and the Middle East that includes Preem Petroleum, the largest integrated petroleum company in Sweden, Svenska Petroleum & Exploration, SAMIR, Naft Services Co (Saudi Arabia) and Fortuna Holdings Co (Lebanon).

Permalink99 comments »



Comment from: challenger [Visitor]
Do you have a dollar, 1/2 brother?
08/31/09 @ 22:19
Comment from: Gonder [Visitor]

Good to see an Ethiopian doing well.

08/31/09 @ 22:53
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]
This time he made most of his money in Ethiopia at the expense of Ethiopians. He bankrolls the national soccer team as well as he bankrolls the blood sucking junta and his call girls in Addis Ababa. No body gives a goddamn shit about his ranking or what ever.
08/31/09 @ 22:54
Comment from: amare [Visitor]
He is a smart dude..many people in DC area used to run around to strike a quick money from the Sheik by bending down their sisters and girl friends as quickly as possible. Now, he is the #1 enemy for his choice of political party in eth. He is no longer enthusiastic on investment in our country with so many loud mouth people accusing him of all kinds of things.
Gov't cannot create jobs - he would have been the best investor to our country. Because he is genuinly caring and generous to his people. He is a true ethiopian...
08/31/09 @ 23:06
Comment from: asmara [Visitor]
hey ali u can inverst asmara too
08/31/09 @ 23:34
Comment from: Shablel [Visitor]
He is all blessed to all the works of his hand by GOD besides he is smart educated.

08/31/09 @ 23:37
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Who gives a shit about how rich this bastard arab is.
It is not how much someone has in the bank that counts, but how much kindness they have to share
I have never came across someone who has confirmed that this flamboyant Arab has done for him or her.
All that matters to him and the Arabs is money - women -alcohol.

Not long ago he was working in a famous "Bar/brothel" in Dire Dawa, called "Mamita Neuzola" and no one knows for sure where all these money came from but all he does is have nights of orgy with 2 or 4 girls in the same bed same night and then shower these girl gold and perfume. Big deal.

09/01/09 @ 00:06
Comment from: Yoyoma [Visitor]
Long Life, to you Mo! Keep moving up! The more you give, the more you get!
God Bless you!
09/01/09 @ 00:11
Comment from: observer [Visitor]
What language do you understand better? The English language clearly stated that this man is not Ethiopian. He is a Saudi citizen.

I still don't understand what kind of business this foreigner do in Ethiopia and how much Ethiopia benefited from his business. No transparency no one knows except the woyanes who take his money.
I heard that he controls all the gold of Ethiopia and yet what is Ethiopia's share no body knows except Meles and his wife.
In such corrupt business deal every citizen have the right to ask what this guy is up to. Make it official then we will see whether he is bleeding our country or helping.

Amare: Define Ethiopian. This man is a Saudi citizen. Look what you said on above. You are typical janjaweed.
09/01/09 @ 00:34
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
Elcad (visitor)
Take it easy, you don't have to cry.he can do what ever he wants with his money.

09/01/09 @ 00:51
Comment from: AbaWereIllu [Visitor]
Rich people only think to get richer, forget helping others. His generosity is just an incentive decoy to get them more richer
09/01/09 @ 01:03
Comment from: Tazbkut [Visitor]
09/01/09 @ 01:33
Comment from: Abel [Visitor]
when he become an orthodox christain, I hear from the nearest people of him. He will declaire his christanity in near future. for this I'm 100% sure, his heart still with us but he might scare of suadians.he practiceing christanity in nowadays specialy ours that's orthodox church.
09/01/09 @ 03:01
Comment from: Visitor from Addis [Visitor]
Well done Al Amoudi

He is one of the very few smartest men ever born from the Ethiopian Land. One should not be cleaver to understand this, how he can achieve this tremendous success with out being smart. Look at this; first, he outsmarted his fellow many Ethiopian born Arabs who fled to Saudi Arabia in early 1970, who could have been richer like him, had they been smart, After he established his connection in Saudi, he turned his face to Ethiopia, although he faced a problem at first, now Ethiopia is in his hands as he has a solid power to influence Ethiopian society, socially, economically and politically. Ethiopia is changed after his arrival.

Now, being the 2nd richest person in Saudi means that he will have the power to influence the Saudi’s Richest Royal family to make a difference in Ethiopia. Hence, we better take care of this man and allow him to change Ethiopia.


09/01/09 @ 03:53
Comment from: Black Boy [Visitor]
WHO CARES ???????? THIS IS NOT NEWS!!!!!! How does that affect the millions of starving Ethiopians he loves so much????
HE IS A SAUDI = ARAB! using his mothers Ethiopian citizenship to suck all the wealth out of Ethiopia,and does not pay loans he takes from banks, this man does not even hold an Ethiopian passport!
Yemeni father + Ethiopian mother still makes him Yemeni!
If his Father was Eritrean nobody in Ethiopia would claim him as Ethiopian

NAZRET.COM this is not news!!!!! enough with useless propaganda
Tell us who are the top 20 richest people in Ethiopia?
09/01/09 @ 06:39
Comment from: Elias [Visitor]
Shaikh Moahmmaed Al Al Amudi
GOD Bless you, we are always praying for you,under you there are many Ethiopians are working,you are one of our Hero, please keep helping ethiopia & ethiopians

thank you
Elias Hailemariam

09/01/09 @ 06:54
Comment from: yo [Visitor]
congratulations and may god continue to bless him. He is good man and we need him in Ethiopia.
09/01/09 @ 07:42
Comment from: Yohanes [Visitor]
He is useless. Always drunk and surrounded by prostitutes. He could have done a lot.
09/01/09 @ 08:14
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]
To be rich, powerful, wise and knowledgeable means to assume responsible for the welfare of others; if it is in a good way. I think Alamudi understands that he has taken responsibility to improve the life of others; that could be the reason why he is investing in every sector.
09/01/09 @ 08:54
Comment from: Fegou [Visitor]
The only reason that any Ethiopian should nort be proud of this guy is "Jealousy".
Get over your ingrained envy and admire this truly amazing guy who could do a lot of grat things to Emama Ethiopia than all the rest of us.
I salute you and Long life to you Mr. Sheikh Al Amoudi
09/01/09 @ 09:01
Comment from: kiki [Visitor]
I see Meles behind Alamundi. Alamundi is a cover for the tplf thugs.
09/01/09 @ 09:11
Comment from: Mel [Visitor]
It is very sad to see my people always demeaning other people success. Al-Amoudi is a respected tycoon in the world and to see he is belittled by these ordinary people is saddening. You don't have any proof whatsoever for you story that he did something unethical. As a business tycoon it is normal to work with any government, not only ethhiopian government.Our identity seemed to undermine successful people just because we failed or can't be to the standard of the other sucessful persona. This is just euphemism.
09/01/09 @ 09:57
Comment from: Natural [Visitor]
Egizabiher ahunim chemiro chemamiro yibarkew!!!!! Melkam lib yalew sew sibarek endet yasdesital!!!! yagere sew silehone demo betam des yilegnal berta teberataa ... I wanna see you being the number 1 richest person in the world! Who knows ... Egizabiher min yisanewal!....His richness is a true blessing to us, Ethiopians ...He has been doing great in Ethiopia so far even when things are not economical, we all know that if it's not to help his brothers and sisters in Ethiopia he could have invested all the money he used in Ethiopia and be more profitable. But regardless of all these, he still kept investing and that is his greatness indeed!!!!

God Bless him again and again!!!!!!!
09/01/09 @ 10:13
Comment from: Dodo [Visitor]
We true Ethiopians believe in your hard work for your mother land. Please ignore all these rubbish comments! You de man Mr. Al Amoudi ļļļļļ
09/01/09 @ 11:43
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

What the Sheik does with his money it is his business. I am happy for him his wealth is growing by day. He did lots of good for so many forgetten Ethiopian Heros not to mention supporting the soccer teams including the Ethiopian National Team. Why are we jelous? By investing wisely he keep buliding his business empire to the level where it is now. This particular news should make us Ethiopian happy. From some of the comments I read here in this forum some are really personalizing to the point of insulting. I told a very close friend of mine Obama is lucky for being from Kenya. If he was Ethiopian we would have seen negative campaign against him.

Jelousy is a type of disease that makes certain individuals comment the way they comment about Sheik Mohamed Hussain Al-amoudi
What is so wrong/bad about becoming #2 or 1?

09/01/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: Qorqoro [Visitor]
If Al-Amudi Christian Orhodox Neftegna will worship him 24h.

Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]

qorqoro ass

09/01/09 @ 12:01
Comment from: ABDISSA [Visitor]
Black boy
Yemeni father + Ethiopian mother still makes him Yemeni!

Oh, what type of calculation is it?
I think you are living in a dark house with your black mind and name.
To me Alamudi= All the so called Ethiopian diaspora X 1,000,000-----
09/01/09 @ 12:01
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]
These money is the country's looted resources and wealth by woyane and its a stolen wealth of Ethiopia by this thugs rebels of TPLF. This man called Al-Arab Mohamoud is simply a manger of TPLF X-company.

Don't you guys understand these yet?
where he did he got it such a huge money unless its the looted money of Ethiopia.Give us a brake.
09/01/09 @ 13:00
Comment from: Nunu Assefa [Visitor]
Why does not this thug of thugs pay his debt he owes to ethiopian banks,
09/01/09 @ 13:00
Comment from: Fasil oakland [Visitor]

what you talking about? do you have evedense that he bend sisters in DC area or did you tried him to make money? don`t write vulgar.
are you a secssesful person? if so,when stupid people get secsses, they become more stupid instead of to respect what they get.

09/01/09 @ 13:42
Comment from: Gelmo Kurra [Visitor]
Maybe someody will write a book on AlAmouediand tell us where and when he got all this money. At leaast a few years back he was one of the richest people in the world since he started working in Ethiopia and it seems that his wealth has grown up so much that he is the second richest man in Saudi and the one of the richest in the world > I forgot exactly ay what stage he is. Please tell us how he becane so rich did he invent anything,did he inherit anything. On the social side how many wives does he have? How many children does he have? are hiswivesEthiopians ,Arabs Europeans where do they live. His three brothers who all come to Ethiopa and started businesses are they also form the same father and mother of Alamoudi? do they have children? how many wives do each have?are they also Ethipians Arabs Europeans?What business are they in?
09/01/09 @ 13:59
Comment from: Abel [Visitor]
We all know He doesn't really get that much of a profit with his Business as much he does from out side of Ethiopia. It is a pleasure having him in our country. He has provided and created hundreds of thousands of jobs. We all should be proud of him. Thanks
09/01/09 @ 15:54
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]
Shegaw,Eclad,Observer,Black boy,Kiki and Nunu Assefa.

"It is one thing to keep quite and make people think you are stupid, it's quite another to open your mouth and prove it".

May God bless sheik Mohammad AlAmoudi and may he live a long life.
09/01/09 @ 15:55
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]
observer [Visitor]

I bet you and the rest of the rif rafs here hold one of the Western passports after so many years of Assylum in the west but still claim to be Ethiopian. Right?

So why not for Al Amoudi?
09/01/09 @ 16:08
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]
Th smart swedes honor him with
Royal Swedish Order of the North Star by King Carl XVI !!!

While Mekengna Habesha try to bring him down in any way they can!

Aye Senef Habesha Rasu Aysera, Sewen Ayasera!
09/01/09 @ 16:14
Comment from: G [Visitor]
If Al-Amoudi was Christian not only Orhodox Neftegna will worship him 24/7 but also build a statue at Meskel Square and bow and kiss the floor every time they pass through..
09/01/09 @ 16:20
Comment from: sayee derso [Visitor]
By the way, what is money with out love? this guy, true to his woyane back ground, has no slightest sympathy to the people of Ethiopia, by the virtue of being under the woyanes' brutal oppression who lead a miserable life. woyane as a club of the heartless, do not know affection, cooperation and sympathy. they do not know humility. they take themselves as smart by making people suffer for any simple greed. the guy we are told to succeed in business is a pig who does not feel what hunger feels like, not because he does not know it but because he is one of the monster woyanes. if it were not his woyane background it would not take him any time to realize that unearned money is no success. i recognize him as a world class looter who does not even pretend to be fair. see! he makes most of his fortunes from the whole of ethiopia with out a slightest trickling to the unfortune ethiopian people but to the land of woyanes. if there were any shred of humility in woyanes' camp, the guilt of looting hungry people would have killed them all.
09/01/09 @ 16:27
Comment from: Tzbt [Visitor]
Those of you who accuse this man of looting the country, please take a moment to think of how much you have sucked the tax money of the poor farmer and fled the country to wherever you are now, serving those who never want our growth. This man has done nothing wrong except extending his helping hand to so many who needed. With his companies he has done again nothing wrong except opening job opportunities and making a difference in the life of so many. I don't think you guys even help your poor parents leave alone help the country. Just live wherever you are munching your McDonald.
Mr. Shegaw Yayew hulu are nothing but ye Shabia aleqlaqi neh.
09/01/09 @ 16:35
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
Natural (visitor)

Thank you for your heart felt blessing you gave him.he deserves it.
This is a great success story which should be told again and again.Sheh Alamudin is one of the reason for all buisinesses in Ethiopia to exist these days. he came to Ethiopia at the right time when a new gov't took power and our country's feuture was very uncertain.but alhamudin didn't hisitate to invest his money,millions of dollars,by that atracting thousands of ethiopians from outside of the country to be confident enough to do buisiness back home.he built the biggest hotel in africa which is to his credit to keep OAU and other international stay in the country.he helped thousands of indivduls ,he built hospitals,etc...his company's in Ethiopia are the biggest employers in the country,openning job opportunities for thousands of Ethiopians.
people who don't want to give him credit have their own agendas mostly politics.these are people who live in the west enjoing democracy,who want to deny him his democratic right when he chose the current gov't they cried foul and start treating him as an enemy.this is just blind hatred or ignorance.
Alhamudin you are always Ethiopia's son who came to the risk when we needed you.
09/01/09 @ 16:44
Comment from: ago [Visitor]
some shabia does like al amodi
09/01/09 @ 16:44
Comment from: yigermall [Visitor]

europeanochu zerun,haymanotun,zeginetun,sayayou,hagerachewun sitteqimmu.egnaa ginn hulgize beteqaraniww eyehedinn be dehhinet layyy eneraqeqallenn....ayy silittannee???????
09/01/09 @ 17:07
Comment from: Abraha Deboche [Visitor]
Has any one added Ethiopia and its seventy million people that are also a property of Al-Amoudin and EFFORT, Inc.

If you put that wealth he will be number one in Saudi Arabia.

He will not get any respect in Ethiopia for being an ally of TPLF both in business and politcs..

Can anyone tell me how much money this man gave for charity ? Do not include Tigray Development and that is not a charity it is a business empire the Sheik has a big share.

The millions of dollars he gave for Clinton foundation truly define this man, he is a TPLF cadre too.

09/01/09 @ 19:03
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
So this "shiritan yemeni" is richer than the king of Saudi Arabia? interesting
09/01/09 @ 20:21
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]
Yoni, Addis Zemen and other dump advocates of Alamoudi -

You guys need to get your head out of your ass. Alamoudi doesn't help anyone; he is there only for money just like every other corporation on planet earth. Nothing wrong with that, if we just say it as it appears and stop being disingenuous. Making money and becoming entrepreneur is the fundamental way of free market as long as we allow others to get their fair share. You think paying 3 cents to every 10 dollars he borrowed from Ethiopia is helping Ethiopians and that they should be grateful? If someone took your land, your capacity to compete in free market (as he monopolizes businesses from car rental to gold mining) dominating your religious beliefs and stow away the country’s rare natural resources using its corrupted leaders and then gave you an orange and an electric blanket (remember that you don't have electricity anymore and perhaps your fingers have been machete off) would you be thankful? Real help starts from building the countries infrastructures from education to agriculture, from launching the smallest clinic some where in the remote village or enabling kids go to school instead of herding goats. Helping a poor nation is not lavishing your latest bimbo with outdated Bimmer or opening Cake Bet or coffee shop for one of your akataris. All of you maggots crying here like a fuck*n baby are either one his beneficiaries or his direct sold out ass kissers who would do any thing as long as the money keep flows to your parsimonious self. Some of you are claiming jealousy is the driving force behind criticizing Mr. Alamodi. Well! I for sure am very comfortable with little I have and I sell my knowledge and skill to survive then to me it would be completely lousy and foolish to even think comparing my self with loaded billionaire and self made flamboyant who uses his fortune to undo others. My concern is only to my home land and its people. I don’t really give a damn care if you believe me or not but that is warranted and the fact.

09/01/09 @ 21:20
Comment from: Issac [Visitor]

Why don’t you be a man and tell us what the real reason that you hate this generous man who has done so much for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Isn’t it because of his faith?

09/01/09 @ 21:25
Comment from: balegoba [Visitor]
[I have never came across someone who has confirmed that this flamboyant Arab has done for him or her]... Shegaw yhy

Who helped the girl whose face damaged acid thrown in her face by a boy who could not stand rejection? was it not Alamoudi who paid for her medical treatment abroad? who paid for the late Tilahun Gesese medical treatment? who paid for Tilahon funeral expenses?? habesha know only waay-waay beating chest after someone died. who paid for the first heart surgery clinic in ethiopia? there is no shortage of people who give testimony of Almoudi kindness. I prefer Alamoudi than Tigaru/tchigaru weyane.
09/01/09 @ 22:03
Comment from: Shewa StaRR [Visitor]
Born in Ethiopia to a Yemeni father

.... and and and...Ethiopian mother?? where is the mother? where is she?

qiqiqiqi... Mr AlAmoudi must feel worthless in Arabia. The Arabs will hopefully learn a great lesson when their oil runs out.
09/01/09 @ 22:13
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]
I miss pre 2005 Al Amoudi. Beyet bayenew endaltebale. If he truly loved Ethiopia as he claims, he could have kept himslef out of politics, and used his influence to bring the regime and its enemies closer, remove the ethnic hatred and truly bring Ethiopians together. But of course, he went the wrong way, the rest is history.
09/01/09 @ 22:46
Comment from: Ethio Man [Visitor]
I love this man. Not only he help himself and his family, he is also asset to the world. We should be motivated by this man, rather than get jealous and try to tell him what to do with his many. It doesn't matter where he grew up. His mother land is still Ethiopia. Ethiopia always welcome him regardless of his success or religion since it's his berth place.

Instead of cursing successful people like this man, we should prey to God to give us the wisdom and the opportunity like him. If Ethiopia has 10 reach successful people like the Shake, I believe they can help our beloved poor people and take our country to civilization. Lets get motivated and be rich for the sake of our country! I wish this man all the best and more success. We love you. Ethiopia loves you too! God Bless
09/01/09 @ 23:10
Comment from: Getaw [Visitor]
I got no word to thank this guy I wish we have 3 or 4 like you we will be out of poverty Thank you shehu I pray long life for you every day. please don't follow some stupid comment and keep up your Good work for pure Nation Ethiopia.

God bless and wish you more
09/01/09 @ 23:12
Comment from: Ethio Man [Visitor]
I love this man. Not only he help himself and his family, he is also asset to the world. We should be motivated by this man, rather than get jealous and try to tell him what to do with his money. It doesn't matter where he grew up. His mother land is still Ethiopia. Ethiopia always welcome him regardless of his success or religion since it's his berth place.

Instead of cursing successful people like this man, we should prey to God to give us the wisdom and the opportunity like him. If Ethiopia has 10 reach successful people like the Shake, I believe they can help our beloved poor people and take our country to civilization. Lets get motivated and be rich for the sake of our country! I wish this man all the best and more success. We love you. Ethiopia loves you too! God Bless
09/01/09 @ 23:13
Comment from: sahra [Visitor]
Shaikh Alamudin he did good & bad thing to the country & the people. so what if he built roads & Sheraton hotel for his Arab cousins & invest a little bit here & there. In other hand he is looting the country's gold & marble single handily. he never pay tax he wiped out all the nations bank to build most of his facilities or companies more than other citizens who wants to do more in that country. most of all he expand prostitution he rapes every young girl he sees. i don't see him helping them instead to get good education. there are thousands & thousands street kids & orphans i don't see him giving any help for orphanage or open shelter & schools for those street kids he just watch all this things happening & do nothing, instead he goes from one Azmari house to another get drunk act like stupid. with his wealth he could have spent his money for a better cause. i don't really admire him. lets put it this way the only thing he stayed in that country only for his own benefit & greed. he is a sellout & nasty Muslim. PLEASE GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED COUNTRY ETHIOPIA & KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE FROM THE VOLTURES LIKE AL-AMUDIN!!! AMEN!!!!
09/02/09 @ 01:05
Comment from: fawad from jeddah [Visitor]
09/02/09 @ 02:45
Comment from: Abyot [Visitor]
Listen up Mikegna Abesha Hulu

I sometimes wonder why Ethiopia is such a backward country, and for anyone who needs a clue, just read some of the comments here.

The very simple fact that an Ethiopian is among the top 100 richest people on the face of the planet should give you pride, instead of ripping this man. And you hypocrites are here to deny him his Ethiopianess, because he holds a Saudi passport. Never mind he was born in Ethiopia, grew up in Ethiopia, went to school in Ethiopia, has Ethiopian mother. None of this matters to you. By your argument, all of you with foreign passports are not Ethiopians either then.

His investments in Ethiopia is a pocket change for him, this man is the single largest foreign investor in Sweden, and has been honored by the Swedish government.

Look, I wish he did not support the Woyanes, but that is his business. The man has done more to Ethiopia that all you combined moronos. You will never make in your entire sorry life what he makes in a day.

You are dispeakable bunches, all you do is run your mouth. Now you go back to your job, you have mortgage to take care of, while Al Amoudi is chil'n. Mikegna Hulu

Not even a Mega Million lottery will make you richer than Al Amoudi, err diben belu.

09/02/09 @ 03:42
Comment from: Mengistu [Visitor]
If we had a moderate nationalist government (Mengistu was too extrimist and conservative and zenawiw is too much of a slave) but some one who can attract rich enterpernuers, preferrably individuals with Ethiopian origin, prime example of whom is sheik Ali would have been our ideal invester in our country, especially in a mecahnized farming where the end products are sold to us local consumers right at home!!

But the monkies, seating in addis,mimmicing the white peoples' stature are preventing all the good things from happening to our courntry. Generlally, Sheik alamoudin seams to be a very personnable, easy going individual with our heritage. I love the gentle man as I would want to believe that there are great things he did for my country; for example, he helped Tilahun Gesesse through his latter times. In that respect I think we might find that he gave a little back to us, may be 0.00012% of what he made off of us! still better than nothing, I think.
09/02/09 @ 05:13
Comment from: tofik [Visitor]
mash allah, that is good to heard.

i would like to be rich like him and to do good and to help all my brothers and sisiters.
09/02/09 @ 06:19
Comment from: ramadaan [Visitor]
that is good to heard,
god bless u.
09/02/09 @ 06:20
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
balegoba [Visitor]

You are giving two isolated incidents where your al amoudi showed up to give a helping hands only because it was creating a big advertisement for him.
Between us Tilahun Gesese was not a poor man - his family did not need money for the funeral - But your flamboyant al amoudi showed up to advertise himself

Have you ever hear when al amoudi errected a building for orphanage or a school for those handicaped children ...? NEVER
but you will find him in the middle of any big event to promote himself

fawad from jeddah [Visitor]
go learn how to write in proper english before you vomit in an Ethiopian site- ignorant arab
09/02/09 @ 06:44
Comment from: Bogale [Visitor]
God Bless Al Amoudi!!!!!!
He is the right guy for Ethiopia.
09/02/09 @ 07:16
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
Elcad (vitor)

You are a very angry man . I sense a lot of hostililty in all of your comments you give in this forum.every thing so negetive,you even contradict yourself.
Some times by the short fused temper you show I am forced to think you must be eritrean.are you? because most of the negative comments in this web site are coming from eritreans.they are so angry that he invested his money to build a lot of good things in Ethiopia. Their ferstration doesn't surprise me rather I anticpate it. But the other so called Ethiopians who said they believe in democracy,and are fighting for democracy, tried to take alamoudin's democratic right when he voted and supported the current gov't.
This is just a pure hypocracy and arrogance.

Elcad all you need is try to make peace with your self. When you finish fighting the demon with in you,every thing will be crystal clear,and you will start seeing things in a normal way. Peace!

09/02/09 @ 08:39
Comment from: balegoba [Visitor]
"So this "shiritan yemeni" is richer than the king of Saudi Arabia? interesting" Shegaw YHY

Alamoudi has became richer because he diversified his business from US to europe, from middle east to africa, his business in ethiopia is peanut, habesha komata beggars!
09/02/09 @ 08:45
Comment from: The-mike [Visitor]
እርር፡ በል፡ አበሻ፡ በቅናት፡ተቃጠል።

09/02/09 @ 09:11
Comment from: G [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
So this "shiritan yemeni" is richer than the king of Saudi Arabia?

Yes! and he can hire 1,000,000 Debelo qoda Lebash like you as a servant!

09/02/09 @ 10:06
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
Shegaw segeraw, yayew hulu yarabetal (visitor )

From the name you are using one can tell you are strrugling with inferiorty problem. You keep insulting people in uncntrolable manner untill you run out of words .may be that is the only way to cheer yourself up.I have read your degrading comment you gave to the great champion maryam j. What could be your problem? Are you a mentaly disabled guy who couldn't identify right or wrong.or some fanatic who hates the whole world and thinks the world ows him some thing.
If you can not stand it when you see successfull people,just stop following up news. That is doing yourself a fever.don't fight it.
09/02/09 @ 10:51
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]
alamoudi has done a lot for ethiopia from his multi million dollar investment which created jobs for tens of thousands ethiopians to a nursing and other schools as well as money he has donated to various entities. but unfortounately he did nothing to help kinijit. that is why few people here at nazreth are attacking him. i am pretty sure people like elcad wouldnt trash alamoudi contribution prior to 2005 the way they do here.
its because of alamoudi that we see all these ethiopians venturing to ethiopia. in other word he opened the door and made us all to be optimistic about our country future which most of you may not be happy about.
as we speak the man is building cement factory that will help ethiopia and of course himself too (hopefully).
my advice to my fellow "ene kemotku serdo aybqel" people is to learn 'how to cut your loss and move on'.
Ethiopia is much important than kinijit. let bygones be bygones.
09/02/09 @ 10:56
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
balegoba [Visitor]

your Alamoudi did not augment the size of his wealth only because he diversified as you claim it.

According to Wiki his portfolios include beside oil refinery in Sweden mining, agriculture, hotels, hospitals, finance, operations and maintenance -

Mr. Moron, hotel businesses are down with this economy; in Saudi Arabia I believe he has a soft drink business - this business does not make you billionaire. His major construction company is in Ethiopia where he has monopolized the construction of the infrastructure - why not as long as he put a hefty commission in the bank of our highness First Lady - and mining as far as I know it is only in Ethiopia again as long as he gives a good commission to the people at the helms of the country he can loot as much as he can

Again according to Wiki - it says that the flamboyant alamoudi has an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from the Addis Ababa University - Really ??? So this shiritan can hold a debate on Descartes or any other social philosophers? I wonder why the Addis University did not bestow on him Doctorate of "sucking the wealth of a country"??? don't they have this major in their school yet???

09/02/09 @ 12:21
Comment from: amare [Visitor]
jealousy!! all this mean spirited comments are from desperate diaspora. The man is successful billionier before he invested a penny in your dirt poor country. Many of you, who insult him used to worship him when he used to come to 'puck' your sisters in DC and LA. Fasil used to drive his sister from Okland to LA when the sheik comes to town. Now he is tired of pucking them and giving money. He is an enemy. May Allah bless the sheik. you may live 150 years pucking all the young chicks. you can afford it and it's too cheap for you to have them all.
09/02/09 @ 12:36
Comment from: Jegna [Visitor]
fawad from jeddah [Visitor]

You live a drives away from Mecca and this the filth you say during Ramadan. You are a disgrace to Islam.

09/02/09 @ 12:41
Comment from: amare [Visitor]
Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yarabetal
Yes, Ato Tilahun Gessess was poor, alcholic and terminally ill. Alamoudi saved his ass and gave him a lot of money. what do you know? Nothing. He helped so many people all over the country from children (orphans) to hospitals. You are just an empty and angry nobody. The Sheik created more jobs and wealth than anybody. Stop bullshiting.
09/02/09 @ 13:24
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Tefera [Visitor]
You wrote:"alamoudi has done a lot for ethiopia from his multi million dollar investment .."

What the fuck are you talking the man came without a capital in ethiopia and he learn how to borrow money from ethiopian Banks & he monopolized the construction of the major infrastructure and from there it is history.

Ethiopia gave him the chance to be wealthy - no other industrial countries or arab countries will give him the privilege that Ethiopia gave him.
09/02/09 @ 13:45
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]
Addis Zemen -

Thanks for your Psychological tip & experiment but please don't quit your day job(if you have one). For your info. I do not have temper nor has lack of peace in my conscious. I do however possess deep passion when it comes to my home land and the orchestrated effort by the current rulers to systematically dismantle my country. Your master Mr. Ala Moudi is the accomplice and one of the bankrollers to fund this evil endeavor just to add more profit on his already loaded financial empire. Although you are so unsuccessful and incapable of linking my patriotic feeling as personal problem, I advise you get your facts together and analyze one’s purpose before moving your tail and jumping yourself in to quick and wrong conclusion. Dissent is not craziness but ownership of self principle. I hope you gain more wisdom & articulate further substances in your next attempt. So long!! By the way You think I am Eritrean? What a Physcic!

09/02/09 @ 13:53
Comment from: nebster [Visitor]
congra for being the richest black man!!!
09/02/09 @ 14:04
Comment from: ShambelTefera [Visitor]
I proud my self b/c that is a good to heared.
Shiek Mohammed Al moudi has done alot for Ethiopian his investement and creat of a job for thousend of pepoles. he is from Ethiopia he love his mother country thats why he did his best. keep it up

God Bless you
09/02/09 @ 15:18
Comment from: tilahum [Visitor]
Shegaw,Eclad,Observer,Black boy,Kiki and Nunu Assefa
I believe all of you are parking lot attendents and u cannot even feed yourselves. Our beloved country does not need beggers. Anyway just keep barking and crying because u guys cannot successed nothing in fact, you all will burn ur hearts 24 hr with jealousy. I know jealousy can't be cured. However,u all should stop reading this kind of articles that way u guys can live peacfully with ur poor life. get life morans!
09/02/09 @ 15:34
Comment from: ShambelTefera [Visitor]
I proud my self b/c that is a good to heared.
Shiek Mohammed Al moudi has done alot for Ethiopian his investement and creat of a job for thousend of pepoles. he is from Ethiopia he love his mother country thats why he did his best. keep it up

God Bless you
09/02/09 @ 15:34
Comment from: Fasil oakland [Visitor]

It looks like you working as a
-pimp-, the way how you trying to explain about Sheki, coz you diden`t even know me to start talking about my sisters..... I think you better stop to be ob'du-rate.
Try to show us an innocent comments.
09/02/09 @ 16:18
Comment from: meskerem bekele [Visitor]
sir sheke al-----modin i appraciate wat u doin and good fam u r good person who employess 40,000 people in medrok ethiopia. well i think you got the energy of making our beautiful country better with all ur ppl...
good luck gashe sheke Mohammad Al Amoudi. keep it up:

09/02/09 @ 16:37
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]
shegaw i dont know the details as to how much loan he took from ethiopias bank for his investments and i doubt you know either. no one even knows whether he is earning income, which he is supposedt to, and how much from all his investments in ethiopia. but i doubt he does and the man say he doesnt and for now that sounds believable. even the gold income will not bring his wealth to the fraction he has.
by the way ethiopias icon tilahun gesese was poor and helpless up until alamudi start to take care of him so much so that he cries every time he hears the name alamoudi.
09/02/09 @ 16:49
Comment from: Frehiwot Asfaw [Visitor]
I am one of the person who respect and apreciate Sheik Mohamed Al Amuodi b/c you are one in a milions. you are a hero i wish all the best and more sucess, God bless you.

09/02/09 @ 19:10
Comment from: challenger [Visitor]
The only issue I have with Al Amoudi is the fact that he is a stinking Arab and by extension a Sodomite. Hey the cross-dressing fag, fawad from jeddah, let me rub it to your face, you piece of dung, one day the whole world will bow down to Ethiopians, as the Egyptian did to Joseph, the son of Jacob/Israel who also happen to be a refugee or slave. The fact that Al Amoudi has Ethiopian blood should be a harbinger to you savage Arabs. Do you think the Israelis are powerful? Wait until you see the Ethiopians (the bread begging Ethiopians,) who used to be your master a while back, bounce back to their lost glory one more time. There is a reason why they are migrating on all directions. They will soon captivate and enslave the entire world with their uniqueness, unlike you animals who have to blow up anything civilization. Consider yourself warned.
09/02/09 @ 20:02
Comment from: Issac [Visitor]
Shegaw,Eclad,Observer,Black boy,Kiki and Nunu Assefa

Why don’t you religious bigots come out of your closets and tell us what your real reason is for hating this man who has done so much for Ethiopia and Ethiopians? If his name wasn’t Mohammad Al Amoudi, I am sure we would not have this discussion. Actually you would have petitioned the government to declare a holiday in his name. It is a pity that people like you do exist in this day and age

09/02/09 @ 20:29
Comment from: challenger [Member]

You are damn right, Ethiopia is a Christian country. But still lets its people worship whatever their hearts so desire, including a violent cult of a personality that passes for a religion. I'm proud to be Ethiopian, and I don't know why anyone wants to be part of the lowest form of civilization in the world -- the Isalamo-fascists of the Middle East. My guess is if the oil-wells of Arabia go dry, most of the Ethiopian Muslims would find their common sense or wake up from their dreams of 72 virgins awaiting them in jenet.
09/02/09 @ 20:46
Comment from: Shegaw - Yayew Hulu Yidenekal [Visitor]
Frehiwot Asfaw [Visitor]

how much is your compensation to promulgate your stupidity or are you one of his current sex toy? Girl, enjoy it while you are the flavor of the week because the rumor is that the shiritan gets bored after a week and he looks for another to replace you
09/02/09 @ 21:09
Comment from: zuzu [Visitor]
That's why u are called appropriately YE-KURT KEN LIJ.Sir,regardless of the few who spit on this board Ethiopia will always remember you as her golden son.
09/02/09 @ 21:32
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Al Amoudi is the dean of corruption in Ethiopia. Unless he bribes in every level of the Government bureaucracy, he will not get any license to do business in Ethiopia as he wishes.

Do you guy think Meles will allow him to suck Ethiopia Gold unless Al Amoudi give certain percentages to Meles?

If Ethiopians want to recover all the looted money from Meles, responsible Ethiopians should catch Al Amoudi and Berhane Gebre Kirstos who is stationed in Belgium, Europe. Both of them have the complete Bank accounts and related documents.

09/02/09 @ 23:27
Comment from: I hear you all [Visitor]
I am not sure where to start.
All opinions/comments/suggestions/recomedations/directions/insults/respects lead to nothing but disgrace to all people of this great nation we all admire and fight for. This person whether he is from this or that nation could invest his money where he pleases despite where he gets it from. For this reason, it is better to acknowledge the fact that he is, one-way or the other, investing the portion of his wealth in this nation we all agree to love dawn to earth. It is better to be on the right side of good policies than stupid politics!

09/03/09 @ 01:15
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]
I am re posting my original comments because many janjaweeds have said so much about my comment which has nothing to do with jealousy, faith, hate of the businessman etc etc.

According to my posting which follows here I simply clarified to folks who keep saying Ethiopian businessman in which the man is legally a Saudi citizen. Second I only ask how he do business in Ethiopia which is transparency that is prerequisite in clean business dealings and democracy.

Our janjaweeds keep asking my citizenship, my faith, and talk about nothing relevant to my comments. Some pray for this rich guy to have more money. If I pray I pray for millions who are facing famine. Reread my original comments as follows.

What language do you understand better? The English language clearly stated that this man is not Ethiopian. He is a Saudi citizen.

I still don't understand what kind of business this foreigner do in Ethiopia and how much Ethiopia benefited from his business. No transparency no one knows except the woyanes who take his money.
I heard that he controls all the gold of Ethiopia and yet what is Ethiopia's share no body knows except Meles and his wife.
In such corrupt business deal every citizen have the right to ask what this guy is up to. Make it official then we will see whether he is bleeding our country or helping.

Amare: Define Ethiopian. This man is a Saudi citizen. Look what you said on above. You are typical janjaweed.
09/03/09 @ 01:33
Comment from: straight shooter [Visitor]
ኢትዮጵያ ሆይ ተነሽ ክብርንም ልበሺ:
በአዲስ ምስጋና ይሞላ ልብሽ:
የተወደደ ነው በእግዚሃብኤር ህዝብሽ::

ንብረቱ ጠፊ ነው ከንቱ የማይረባ::
በግፍና ቅምያ በአመፅ የገነባ::
ሲሳይሽ ብዙ ነው ከአምላክ የተሰጠሽ:
በረከት ለማግኘት መስራት ነው ጠንክረሽ::
የአአዛብ ብልፅግና አያስቀናሽ ፍፁም:
ኃላፊ ጠፊ ነው ምኞቱም አለሙም ::
ደመና ነውና ይበናል በቅስፈት:
በግፍ የተገኘ የተከማቸ ሀብት::
ይልቅ በቅንነት በሰላም ለሰራ:
ሲሳዩ ብዙ ነው ክብሩም አያባራ::
ጉቦና ፍትህ ህግ ማጣመም እንዳለ:
ከወንጌሉ ጋራ አለብን መዛመድ::
እግዚአብሄር ያለው ሰው ለሱ የታመነ:
ከግፍ ስራ እመም አካላቱ ዳነ::
ክርስትያን ነኘ ብሎ ጉቦ የሚበላ:
የሚያቃጥል እሳት ያገኘዋል ኋላ ::
በመታመን ፀጋ ይጠራ ስማችን:
እውነተኛ እንሁን ለውድ ሀገራችን::
የራሱን ሳይሻ ላገር የሚያስብ ሰው:
በአግዚአብሄር ዘንድም የተወደደ ነው::

ኢትዮጵያ ሆይ ተነሽ ክብርንም ልበሺ:
በአዲስ ምስጋና ይሞላ ልብሽ:
የተወደደ ነው በእግዚሃብኤር ህዝብሽ::አ

- ይልማ ኃይሉ::
09/03/09 @ 04:21
Comment from: yekuarawjegena [Visitor]
Thanks nazret we heard good news . by the way meneyewtewal repoter gazeta . repoter go to hell!!!
09/03/09 @ 05:51
Comment from: G [Visitor]
Yes you been wishing for that oil to dry for how long now? For Al Amoudi to turn poor? Huh... Guess what? That ain't happening! Almoudi and the rest of the folks you wish to disappear are getting richer and stronger while you Suedo Christians of the cave age with inferiority complex are getting poorer by the day! I can see your ugly face turning green with envy…lol.. with full of envious people like you no wonder that poor country can't go up any further.Sad!

09/03/09 @ 06:13
Comment from: Black Boy [Visitor]

WHAT EVER some of you Guys worship him like he is a GOD because of his $$$$$$! "Oh God bless you Alamoudi" it is Ethiopian new year soon, so let's celebrate and worship Alamoudi, you people do it every year! I am surprised he has not said Ethiopian new years day is his birthday or many of you will rush out to buy cards for him
I hear he is planning a Jackson 5 concert in Addis, tickets are 3000 birr + all you can drink St George and all you can eat Tibbs LOL
09/03/09 @ 06:56
Comment from: Mel [Visitor]
Look guys!you are dumb. How you comment Al Amoudi looted EThiopia. It is absurd. He came to Ethiopis with his fortune. For that matter when he came to Ethiopia, Ethiopia didn't have that much wealth. He contributed to transform that poor country. He invested his fortune in a place no other billionaire or developed country would otherwise. He spend his fortune to help many unfortunate people, including Artist Tilahun Gessesse. You guys are desperate and get joy by demeaning other successful people. Where is common sense. You look like talking politics. He is not a politician. He is not even Ethiopian (technically). Why not you guys comment on other foreign investors or countries investing in Ethiopia. It is a paradox that Ethiopians in all class of economy are jeleaous on their own citizens. It is a curse! Just because Al Amoudi is half Ethiopian and he loves Ethiopia (his country of birth)you guys have a lot hate and jelousy. So embarassing. You will not change the Sheik's life or his fortune.If you have issues talk to your government, not demean people who makes a difference to the millions like Al Amoudi.

Grow up people. Get Educated.
09/03/09 @ 09:26
Comment from: dereje [Visitor]
observer what about dr.brhanu who is not ethiopian citizen. in fact arent many diaspora ethiopians who live in the state American citizens. does that mean they are not ethiopian, according to you.
please move on and try to work hard to become like this man. as we speak he is making millions$.
09/03/09 @ 18:27
Comment from: Hilawi [Visitor]
Good for him. It is nice to accumulate fortune and it is good he invested in his country, Ethiopia. Sorry to say, I have no respect for this guy. In my eyes, he has no value, and money doesn't buy that. He is not a good example for upcoming riches in our country. It is disgusting to hear a guy as old as he is, dating(use and throw) young girls. In the passage of time, such dirty acts may be considered as part of the culture. Sorry to say, again I am telling you I have no respect for this guy. Money doesn't buy decency, but moral value is.
09/03/09 @ 20:05
Comment from: Issac [Visitor]
I am reposting my original comments so that decent Ethiopians can see thru charlatans like: Shegaw,Eclad,Observer,Black boy,Kiki , Nunu Assefa and their likes for what they are,

Why don’t you religious bigots come out of your closets and tell us what your real reason is for hating this man who has done so much for Ethiopia and Ethiopians? If his name wasn’t Mohammad Al Amoudi, I am sure we would not have this discussion. Actually you would have petitioned the government to declare a holiday in his name. It is a pity that people like you do exist in this day and age

09/03/09 @ 20:52
Comment from: kitfo [Visitor]
American companies love the cheap labor of China so almost all of them left behind thier country where labor is really expensive. In addition these companies get cheap skilled labor there and paticularly the political situation of the country is stable too.

Having investors was not a new thing to Ethiopia until all of them were kicked out because of Socialism. Only the one with the bidder was given a chance of making a contract, but now with out any bidding every thing is offered to one investor using the time as a pay back time for what Al amoudi did for Woyane when they where in the jungle. How come Al amoudi doesn't love making business when he gets everything really cheap starting from labor.

By the way long time ago I watched an interview with our Foreign Minister Mr. Seyom that made me shocked when he answer about the opportunity of making investments in Ethiopia. He said " One of the good thing to invest in Ethiopia is the cheap labor we have." As a leader he put us all down. At least explaining the availablity of human forces was a samrt way to go.

09/03/09 @ 23:22
Comment from: Issac [Visitor]
Before Mohammad Al Amoudi risked his hard earned money to invest in Ethiopia knowing full well:

- How unstable the regime was
- Ignoring the international business community’s warning about investing in Ethiopia, a country at the time seen as unstable and a failed state (some may think it is the case today; a discussion for another day)

Can anyone of you who are attacking this man, name a single international investor who risked his hard earned money and invested in Ethiopia before Mohammad Al Amoudi did? I know the answer is NONE, NADA.

By the way are you aware that the hundreds if not thousands of investors who followed Mohammad Al Amoudi footstep and started investing in Ethiopia? He basically opened Ethiopia’s door to other investors. Just a little education to those hate mongers

09/04/09 @ 16:01
Comment from: ታሪኩ አበበ [Visitor]
በጣም ጥሩ ላንድ አካባቢ እድገት። ግን ብዙ መጥፎ ነገሮችም አሉ ወጣቱ በጣም በገንዘብ ተታሎ ሃይማኖቱን መለወጥ ሊኖርበት አይገባውም። ብዙ ጊዜ ጠላት በደካማ ጎን እነደሚገባ ምገንዘብ ጠቃሚ ነው። እኔ በምችለው እያንዳነዱ ሃይመኖት ማክበር ግዴታዬ ነው። ይህ ያለም ሀብታም ነኝ የሚል ሰው ከርሱ ልቦና በንግር ለካባቢው ህዝብ በግለጽ መቻል አለበት። ጋዜጠኞች ይህን ሳታቑ አትቀሩም ግን ነገሮቹ በዳፈነው መቅረት የለባቸውም። ሁሉም ሰው አገሩ ነው ግን መከባበር በትልቁ ትልቅ ችሎታ ነው። እንከበር አንታለል!!! ስቶቻችን የማንም መጫወቻ እንዳይሆኑ በጥብቅ ትምህርት ይሰጣቸው። የሰው ልጂ የማንም አለኝ ባይ አሻንጉሊት አደለምና በጥበቅ መታሰብ አለበት።
09/04/09 @ 18:34
Comment from: kind [Visitor]
i know nazrets post the comments that fit them. most time the true and geniune idea doestn't fit them.
any how,coming to my point , it good for Al mudin to be rich,but why some of Ethipians worhip him like their god. May be he only invest one percent of his capital in ethipia. and suckig money from there. he is not investing back to that community. so people who appriciate him should know that how much benifit our community is getting from him?????????????????????
09/05/09 @ 12:27
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